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My New everyday trance club

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Hello everyone 

you all know im a trance lover n not many trance room open everyday that can provide live uplifting trance  good lights so avis look nice pool so u chill n listen n ofc sex area with again cool lights to make graphics shine in their true potential n not be like cartoonish .


So i build this club that i will Open everyday  :D playing Trance mostly uplifting trance :P and from time to time special events with djs 


So this club will have dance area bars to chill n drink , sex area with awesome lights ,pool to chill relax n listen to music 

lets see a preview pic for my early build :)





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The club will be open every day from like 3 pm cest to midnight cest 

so if any dj that spins trance wanna work there  :D  is fine by me  or simply i can use my server n stream 24/7 

tho i know not many available trance djs exist if ur intersted for a shift pm me in game 

shifts will be  2 hours 



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woooo its ready n in time 

so to sum up this will be a everyday open club that will provide trance music only for the trance fans plus special events 


pictures of finished room version 1 

important to mention i tested all areas with a fps meter so i see where the performance drop i do those tests with all my builds cause my focus is cool clubs but most important to can have 150 ppl on extreme settings 

the game has awesome graphics so its useless to visit a room n not be able to be on extreme with a decent computer :)








ill post more pics laters :) kinda lazy now 

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