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Many years ago, I was asked to write a character history for one of my girls in a roleplay guild. And for those of whom are not familiar with the references, the game was Everquest. The game lore is deep and rich with many tragic heroes and noble villains. There exists a pantheon of whom are intricately interlinked to one another as well as the races they created to inhabit the world of Norrath. Each of the deities had a greater plane they ruled over. If you care to read more of it, here is the link https://www.everquest.com/lore .


That said. One of the races is the Tier'dal (The Dark Elves). Created in hate by the god Innoruuk, he fostered his stolen creations in a society void of love. Although with any culture, there are those on the fringes who seek something different than the normal. Other deities have found influence within this particular culture, most notably Solusuk Ro, the Burning Prince. Favored by mages and wizards as his disciples as they are more easily able to draw on his elemental influence.


Without further adeu, please let me introduce to you Kasumei Thex. (Forewarning: Over 12 years ago when I posted this on the roleplay board for my guild, I was asked to pull it down because it was considered to 'erotic'.Since then I have only shown it to a small number of people, Freya included. She has encouraged me to show it to others when I did last show it to her)


Kasumei Thex
Not very many wish to try to understand me or Him;
my love and devotion is usually laughed at or shrugged at whim.
While many find comfort in our Father of Hate;
my thoughts often wander to meet my eternal mate.
Although I am His slave, He is my Master;
He does not offer infinite wealth or corrupting power.
When we meet I stand in front of my sinful lover;
taking several steps until we embrace one another.
His kisses I allow to explore my dark skin;
His skillful hands always knowing where to begin.
Pleasure and pain becomes one and the same;
this is my lust, my seduction of the flame.
I remember as far back when I was a girl of ten;
my female classmates always seemed to giggle about men.
At nights I would cry myself asleep;
wishing I knew how to fill the void as I weep.
Then it happened at the tender age of twelve;
When the miracle of child and woman begin to meld.
It was then I saw my future lover big and strong;
His call to me, I could hear a mile long.
Through the screams, His lusty voice beckoned me;
my house He had claimed, I stood and watched in reverie.
As I stood there, his unseen fingers caressed my skin;
causing me to sweat and create the orgasmic spark within.
When the smoke and air of terror had began to wane;
I know I had found Him, my seduction of the flame.
And now I lay here on the ground when He has finished me;
I always find myself curled with my head on my knee.
Though I am naked, tired and exhausted;
I feel clean and pure, my sins forgotten.
Though weak as a babe nestled at her mothers breast;
I try to stand to find my robes to start to dress.
This wonderful thing I call death and rebirth;
is always better when the destruction is the worst.
Though I never seek my mysterious lover;
I will never betray Him to seek another.
He is blistering pleasure and joyful pain;
I am His lover, my seduction of the flame.
Copyright me :)
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