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Text Box Latency


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A room I visited has latency to my keystrokes in the Text Box. Yes the room uses a hack but not extensively. I've been in larger rooms with no issues.

In this particular room the floor does shimmer a lot. I wonder if to much shimmer causes latency?

The room owner claims not to have this problem.

With 8GB of Ram and a half decent graphics card I don't believe it to be my system.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



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The latency type your explaining is keystroke. So I have to ask how did you notice the lag. With movement or just in a keystroke. If just in keystroke & you started to press the same key/s over & over to test the lag it will create more lag. Running system config & looking for filterkey options would be a good starting point. While your in system config options have a look around at all the checked boxes that your system runs in the background. Ram & graphics card contribute to lag spikes & 9 times out 10 its never either components fault. Almost always traced back to the sender of the connection data. I could go on & on with router traffic, data sent vs data received but I will not. Its just to remind you that latency can be a system issue full circle that starts with your net provider.

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