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GLITTERATI GALA - Sunday, September 25th at 12:00 (noon) CST

Sugar Bunny

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I Have to Say, Sugar is Queen of Coming up with Creative, interesting, ideas and Games for events...Go Sugar lol..I hope to come and check some more out. But I promise to behave..My last time I have to say...lol.. I started with the wrong foot..lol..Cudos Sugar, and hope to come by sometime soon and enjoy the spice of your already spicy events soon..You do a good job....And again I promise to behave ))))) :P

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Well, I'm happy to report that Cloak and Dagger, our first Murder Mystery, was a success!


The players managed to figure out the guilty party, but just for fun I'll post the mystery here so that you can all try and solve it yourselves. :)


In our murder mystery Sugar Bunny (me) seems to have died from being hit over the head with a giant dildo. On my body the players found a note which read...


You’ve been a bad, bad bunny! The worst bunny there could be!

I just wish you hadn’t gone and fucked someone so close to me!                             

Now it’s time for vengeance, and justice you will see!

I have the means to take revenge for what you did to T!

So I’m coming for you, Bunny! Revenge will be mine today!

I have the balls to do it, and I can’t be bribed away!



The suspects include...



PollyInsanity: Sugar Bunny seduced my slutty sister, Terry, the world famous chainsaw juggler! I’m the leader of a BDSM biker gang.




ViperKing: Sugar Bunny killed my brother Terry, the world famous erotic hypnotist! I’m a vice detective specializing in sex toy assaults.




KrickyKH: Sugar Bunny insulted my mother, Terry, the world famous mature porn star! I’m a millionaire bikini model / erotic dancer.




BroadswordLily: Sugar Bunny molested my pet ping pong playing chinchilla, Terry! I’m a wealthy custom sex toy artisan.




Carus: Sugar Bunny killed my cousin, Terrence, who owned a sex toy factory! I’m the curator of a sex museum and run the sex toy factory Terrence left to me.




Ellem: Sugar Bunny swindled my father, Terry, the world famous brothel owner, out of his chinchilla farm! I’m a very rich professional neko breeder.




FutaBreeder: Sugar Bunny kidnapped my son, Terrence, who owns a sex club in Bangkok! I’m the publisher of “Ridiculously Fucking Huge Sex Toys” magazine.



See if you can figure out who murdered Sugar Bunny! Post your guesses below, and I'll reveal the guilty party soon!

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