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Hello 3DXChat Community,


I have been talking with the Developers on possible solutions for people concerned on not being able to continue paying their subscription due to not owning a credit card and they recommended to use this for Universal use. 


It is called Neteller and it is an online virtual CreditCard/Banking system, which is used by millions and can generate a virtual Credit Card for you to use on any purchases. And money can be paid into this virtual card from a variety of sources, but there is a very small fee between Free - 20% depending up on what service you use to pay into this virtual card. It is a security certificate validated site so it is a legitimate site to use and not a scam of any kind so your money would be safe.



All fee's can be found here: https://www.neteller.com/en/fees


It is a possible solution to continue paying for 3DXChat membership for those who don't have a credit card but have other payment options at their disposal that cannot be used with 3DXChat. The situation on Pre-Paid cards is still pending on when it will return, but for now, you will have to press the "Join" button on the 3dxchat.com homepage for now until pre-paids are available again. Although the "Join" button is a recurring fee, it can be cancelled by going to BMT Micros site with the login details they send you in your email of receipt of purchase.


Important: Make sure to enter your correct email when signing up again so you don't accidentally make an incorrect account.


It is the only solution that is a good one for now for those who's account subs are about to expire or already have done.


If you're interested and need this solution here is the link to create an account and card: https://www.neteller.com/en/features/cards/virtual


Edit: If you have any other suggestions please post them in the Pre-Paid Game Time topic. :) The more options available the better, as some may be more known than others. :) and some may offer certain payment types that others do not. 


I hope it helps.


Kind Regards,


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