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Greetings everyone,

I would like to put this person to attention for the 3dxchat communicatie, as a crazy person who lost control and does a lot of things to make my experience of 3dxchat, a horrible one. I have added a couple of screenshot of my conversation with Silkebe. The conversation is in dutch but simply translated, Silkebe is furious in this conversation and calls everyone an asshole or a whore, calls everyone a horrible person even if they just gave me a compliment and being nice to me. Silkbe didn't let and didn't want me to talk with other people, crazy person.

In one picture you can see his actions, where he dances next to me when he is on ignore. He shouldn't be able to know where i am, but still knows to find me, this is stalker behavior. Screenshot has been made by a friend of mine.

Silkebe has also hired people to stalk me, they are on ignore but as you can understand, he ruins my fun and experience of 3dxchat. He even threatened me a few times and because of that, i even closed the game out of panick from that monster. I honestly do not know what to do with this because ignoring him, doesn't seem to work well enough to get him off my back. I hate him and i hope people here have some tips for me because i have also reported him many times but nothing worked. 

Thank you.






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I think the best way is to report people where you think ignore doesn*t help. There is an ingame function where you can do that. Don't think you can do very much beside that but when support sees that is a ban reason they will do it. Maybe that helps. Me at least would report it.

Added: oops, was sloppy in reading and didn't see you already did. Well that sucks but nevertheless i would report it everytime again. They should do more against this or ban at least faster.

Only thing what i can recommend is simply not to answer when you know its the same person which is hard.
Maybe they bring a chat function in future where people have a whitelist which they can turn on for a while when you have a feeling someone stalks you. so you can activate the whitelist and only get messages from people you know. Most important thing you have is own privacy and on a sex plattform it should be written huge to save it. 
I do understand a lot when it comes to developing but this point i don't get that after 10 years which the game exist they don't gave more tools to avoid unwanted conversations.

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Janet, thank you for repleying to my topic. I understand there is not much that i can really do about it or do things against the people he hires to stalk me, except for ignoring them and report them. i somehow also think you can say to much in a chat, insulting people to much before it will result in a ban or something else. Ofcourse it could also be a problem that Silkebe and the people he hires, cannot write proper sentenses wether it is in dutch or english. I sometimes think that, because of that, they cannot understand the agression in the messages and his rage when he wrote me but this is just something i asume.

I geus i will just keep reporting them or maybe even decide to quit if it keeps going. 

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Keep on iggy them away - do not enter pointless discussion... every attention is bad. Try to surround with people you trust... and those who stand by you against those stalkers. I know how it is and how bad it can effects your mood. Huggs for you!

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