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Showing user display names in YouTube videos


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Does anyone know if it's a bad idea to show 3DXChat user display names in publicly viewable videos? 

In this case, no sex or nudity or poses whatsoever, just dancing.  And a quick video clip under a few minutes of a people dancing - but no need to even see them too much just more of that a crowd was in the room.. 

My thinking is yes - that could be bad, in some way.  (In the case the footage was captured with the names displaying - normally we would have unchecked that option and problem solved..)

Either way I can blur out the names, but am considering the question and can't decide.  I guess from a purely security stand point it's best to not show a "username" so this kinda fits that, and I should blur them just to be on the safe side.  Thanks in advance.

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