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Build 438 Bug Report


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have now found out that it is due to the default stand pose which is active when you come online. As soon as you walk a bit and stop again, part of the sandals (example) disappears into the ground. So the hover height of the avatar is no longer correct. If you change to a different standing pose, everything is fine. Now the problem is that the pose that causes the problem is always active when you come online. Either the developers fix the pose or you can set it so that the pose that works with the shoes is saved and is active when you come online. The second is apparently some bug reports are ignored by the developers :(( So the glitches that sometimes occur really brutally and when avatars are naked or are automatically partially undressed during sex acts are still dressed for avatars that are in the room. IN this example you don't see a penis but the woman or the man blows the air instead of the penis. You can fix it if you leave the room and re-enter it, but that's not a solution in my opinion. Warm greetings

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