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Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community: 9 Years


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Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community: 9 Years

Our wonderful community turns 9!
We sincerely congratulate you all on this event and are excited to share what we have prepared for you.


A lot of great content has been added to the game this year, including:

You can find more details on all the updates here.

Holiday Update (Build 436)

  • New pants
  • New sex poses
  • New accessory: deer horns with and without lights
  • New particle effects for World Editor: Snow, Rose petals, Money rain, Fireflies, Bengal lights (max 20 items limit)
  • 17 Firework effects: room host can start fireworks (max 20 items limit)
  • New props Portals that can teleport players and bring new game mechanics
  • New props Trees and money
  • Character rotation (LCtrl + Click)
  • Bug fixes:
    - lipstic color on accessories
    - hello wave animation
    - save character with hat
    - clothing compatibility
    - bug of cowboy boots (f)
    - indicator of put on and taken off clothes in the Clothes window

How to install
You can update the game by simply closing and running the game again. Or download the latest build if you have issues with patch process:

The latest build download link

  1. Make sure that you install the game in an empty directory
  2. Start 3DXChat.exe



Discount 50% on all memberships

We have decided to keep discount on all memberships to give you the opportunity to be social and keep in touch with friends in a virtual, secure world.
So enjoy and stay safe 💗


With sincere congratulations and love,
3DXChat team  😘

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