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Happy Sunday!

Maybe use this as an idea to add novelty to your 3dx experience - my friends and I have taken to writing and implementing escape rooms in 3dx. Given that 3dx lacks a great deal in terms of interaction, it requires some agreed-upon rules for the players:

  • First person only
  • No spycam
  • The "door" is closed until the narrator says it is open
  • Examine everything
  • Take turns to keep from overwhelming the narrator
  • When in doubt, try it out. You can't break anything!
  • Hints are available if you get frustrated.

We've found that time limits don't work because most of the experience is through chat; that written, it *is* possible to provide a challenging and fun experience for your friends!

There's more to it, but I don't want to take up a lot of time. DM me if you see me in world or send me a message here!

Have a wonderful day! :)


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