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In Breasts We Trust 4 - Breast Cancer Awareness Event - WEAR PINK!


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So Last year In Breasts We Trust 4 was canceled due to the craziness and due to several delays for events. But this year we're bringing it back for its most deserved message and to spread awareness of Breast Cancer for not only women but men as well. I've had love ones die from Breast Cancer and my Own mother is a testament of courage and determination. She is a living survivor of Breast Cancer and had really defied the odds. 

I will not be asking for donations during the event. But if you wish to donate for the fight against Breast Cancer then please follow the link provided on the poster above and donate. Also please wear PINK during the event to show your support.

Please also attend and show your support at the other upcoming BCA Events

Pan's October Breast Cancer Event - Oct. 15th - 18th 

 Visit THINK PINK VI and Give that thread some love. link provided below

Tweet #togetherInPink on the 3DX twitter page

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