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Chaturbate Streaming Guide


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3DXChat is now streaming live on Chaturbate. Here is how:

1.       Download any free OBS Studio, for instance, here: https://obsproject.com/

2.       Install and launch OBS

3.       Launch 3DXChat. There is no need to log in to the game yet

4.       In the OBS:

a)    Click Add (+) sources

b) Choose Game Capture and click OK.

In the Properties window that appears, choose Capture specific window

And choose 3DXChat from the list. You should see 3DXChat in the OBS Studio screen.

d)    If you want to broadcast yourself using a webcam, click Add (+) sources again and choose Video Capture Device

Then choose your web camera from the list and click OK. You should see the broadcast from your webcam in a small window over the 3DXChat screen. You can freely move this small window.

5.       Then open Chaturbate:

a)    Log in to your performer account and click Broadcast yourself

b)    Click to View RTMP/OBS broadcast information and stream key

And copy your broadcast token.

6.       In the OBS Studio:

a)    click Settings in the lower right corner of the screen

b)    Select the Stream tab on the left, and then select Chaturbate in the list of services

c)    Paste you Chaturbate broadcast token to the Stream Key box. Click Apply and OK

7.       Сlick Start streaming in the lower right corner of the OBS Sudio and go to Chaturbate to make sure that your stream is online.





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