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[RP]A small company that sells services for businesses[RU/ENG]

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Marsara founded his company selling a variety of services for business that help to optimize business processes.
He had enough start-up capital to rent a small office on the outskirts of the city. Marsara made a modest renovation in the office and now needs employees.
The company is new in the market and therefore, to hear about the company throughout the city of Marsare, real sales sharks are required, as well as good analysts,
At the moment, only a personal assistant is employed, so the following vacancies are relevant to the company:
1. Requires 2 sales managers. You will need to call various companies and promote our product.
2. Requires 2 analysts. Sales managers will be assigned an analyst. You will need to analyze the manager's work, identify weaknesses, and adjust work processes.
3. A secretary is required. There is nothing complicated in the work. There are clients who have heard about our company somewhere and can come to our office on their own. You will need to make an appointment with customers, provide them with brief information about the services we sell, and give them time if the sales manager or director is currently busy. Also, the duties of the secretary include all sorts of small tasks, such as watering flowers in the office, keeping the kitchen clean, and so on.
Below, Marsara posts photos of the office:

1.The secretary's workplace. Located directly opposite the elevator.
2. Sales sector.Here the magic happens and the money is made. 


3. Analysis Sector.Here, analysts can listen to sales managers ' calls, identify growth areas, and adjust the work of sales managers.



4. Balcony. Here, employees can smoke, chat and relax from work.


5. Kitchen. A hungry worker is a bad worker. There is also a good coffee machine.


6. Relax-room. There is a TV and a playstation with a bunch of games. Also, in their free time, employees can hang out here and relax.


7. Marsara's office. Here interviews are conducted, negotiations with key clients are conducted and problem situations are solved.



(( Thanks for reading.
I need employees who are strong in RP. You have to act out every action, do not confuse RP/NON-RP/OOC chats, be descriptive and original.  This office is built not so much for the sake of sex, but for the sake of playing interesting situations. Let us have a corner of adequate and interesting RP games against the background of a bunch of clubs and islands :)
 I know that some rooms look a little empty, this will all be adjusted over time, perhaps some new rooms will be added or the current ones will be removed.
Please write to me in a personal account on the forum, or you can find me in the game itself and we will talk about your employment :)  ))


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