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  1. Marsara founded his company selling a variety of services for business that help to optimize business processes. He had enough start-up capital to rent a small office on the outskirts of the city. Marsara made a modest renovation in the office and now needs employees. The company is new in the market and therefore, to hear about the company throughout the city of Marsare, real sales sharks are required, as well as good analysts, At the moment, only a personal assistant is employed, so the following vacancies are relevant to the company: 1. Requires 2 sales managers. You will need to ca
  2. Hello and thank you for looking into this topic! It takes a lot of time to view profiles and find the people I need, so I decided to create a topic here. I noticed that it is difficult to find people who are interested in such fetishes on this server. I am in search of a ready-made pair of wife/gf+husband/bf/cuckold for a protracted RP game. The key feature is not only sex, but also the intrigue that we can get before sex. First of all, I am interested in couples who are descriptive, have a wide imagination and are not in a hurry, because I like to stretch the process to get the maximu
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