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First tattoo


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Hello guys considering that it's all blocked, i'm trying to make a tattoo for the community.

It's my first job for 3dx, hope you like it.
There are still many parts to complete, in particular the chest and stomach.
What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions?
I thought to put an inscription on the chest, would you like to help me choose?
I don't know if the staff will ever insert it, in case i tried it anyway :D


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Really like the arms and the right hip :)

The whole thing is nice and would be good in pieces or as a whole (although it is a lot of faces)

The large face on the right leg kind of irks me, only because most faces on tattoos should face inwards, towards the person. But the placement of that one would mean her looking directly at his junk lol

I'm not sure about the chest, could go roses to tie in with the hip, or like you said, an inscription of some kind. Or you could put inscription across stomach and maybe something like a lion on the chest? I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas in lol

Generally, its a really good first tattoo, i like it...make a girly one too 😁

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You're right, i fix the girl's face on thigh.
Yes, perhaps there are too many faces, it is appropriate to remove some of them. 
I will definitely fix it. Thanks a lot for your feedback :D

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