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Facing the loss of a loved one is a heavy blow. It's the hardest farewell

 Let us think that whoever left just went on the journey first, and that one day we will meet again. Death physically takes the person, but it can never steal or erase the memory of who was in life. And especially the memories and the feelings she left behind. Today we remember our friend with affection, longing and much love, and in this way we will keep his memory alive. This is a small tribute that we pay you Jersey.  IT'S A YEAR THAT YOU LEFT US, BUT YOUR MEMORY WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS, WE MISS YOU.

Who is loved and remembered, never disappears completely.

We invite All friends, for this small and simple tribute to this Wonderful person that we miss so much, let's do what he liked most ROCK'N ROLL. We are sure he will be with us. Sunday from 19:00 PM / CET - 13:00 PM / EST - ROCK STAR ROOM - HOSTESS BIACAT - SPECIAL GUEST DJ'S. AND THE SFL SUNSHINE GIRLS DANCERS





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As you all know the servers being down prevented Bia, Twin and the rest of SFL from opening their room yesterday for the memorial to Jersey. They did an excellent job with it last year and I was so looking forward to it. Jersey had been so honored to be asked to be a part of the SFL DJ Group/Family and he loved them all. He had spun in the room they will open again as soon as the servers are repaired.

Jersey was a kind soul and when he loved he loved with all his heart. V and I were blessed to spend hours with him daily sharing stories, laughs and music. But he had friends from one end of 3DX to the other and when he called you friend he gave you a piece of him. He did not take anything for granted or lightly.

Last year, after the Birthday party V and I had for him, at the Dive that Twin so graciously helped us to recreate, SFL, Vaughan and I all decided that we would do the same thing again next year and every year.  We will continue to keep his memory alive. 

So delayed or not the Memorial and the Birthday party will take place and we ask you all to keep Jersey in your thoughts. Please feel free to share stories of him in local when the time comes. All who knew him have something to share of him and all memories are important to cherish. Hopefully we can all share in the celebration of his life, remembering him with love and fondness and cherish the time we had with him. Thank you all for doing and adding your bit for him.

 I promise to keep you updated with a date as soon as the servers are restored. Thank you for your patience on behalf of SFL and V and I. 


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