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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone I decided to make this Thread and post designs im currently working and not only ..Here you can participate and eventualy get something you might like and want So in this thread ... 1) comment which design you like most ( by commenting the number of X design) 2)comment also If you like a current design but want to be a lil different and how (i would love you get something you realy want and not get random stuff 3) we all have noticed that we dont get stuff we want ...So here post designs you realy like ... and when im not in school or design for other platforms i will make your designs (please 2 pics only front and back and 1 design only per person ) So far those are my ideas ..they are WIP so vote if you like any of them so i give it more priority. (dont worry Soon ill post male stuff also so men dont worry
  2. Good afternoon! We all love our game, and in particular the public locations ... These locations in our game have been around for a long time and they were good because they always played neutral music that other players did not interfere with. Today Dj.Milena began to include her songs ... But for this there are private rooms, why does one person impose their own tastes on others? I doubt that many of us like Russian pop music ... Why am I in my favorite location should listen to what I do not like? Time with your loved one is spoiled... That's why I created this poll ... If you like that the other player is playing their music in the public area then the vote "YES" If you dislike that the other player is playing their music in the public area then the vote "NO" Thank you all for your attention!
  3. I want this topic to see as many people as possible, including the administration of the project. I have no access to the offers and ideas. Actually here is my suggestion, add to the game a classic futanari. Because it's not difficult, and many girls who position themselves as a futanari want to be without testicles.In addition, removing them becomes more options for sex poses. All you need is to add 1 button (remove the testis above the vagina) This is a new option that does not exclude the usual testicles =)More customization options =) I hope for your voices! And the attention of the administration! please do not miss this topic, your voices are important! (If this topic here is in the way, please help to move it to the right place for it.)
  4. Good afternoon. The game already has many sex poses with animation. But many of them could be added for girls with strapon / futanari. This would increase the popularity of the game and give players more freedom of action. We also want to show 9 sex poses for MFF that we made for ourselves using imagination. We would like that they would also appear in the game. Let's vote and show our desire to 3dxchat developers. All this can work with already existing animations available to developers. for FF 9 new poses for MFF
  5. The most voted will be handed to Admin. as the players suggestion. However, it does not mean it will always be done, as we do not know what it implies in development. I'm saying this before hand, so there is no complaining, it will serve as a mere suggestive players opinion for Admin So................... LETS VOTE PEOPLE!!! GET YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE, GET INVOLVED, ITS YOUR SERVER <3 P:S:: This thread will only be for voting, please DO NOT post any comments, they will be deleted, without any exception:) BELOW DRAWINGS SHOWING POSITIONS
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