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Found 5 results

  1. Are there tattoo developers out there? I would like to commission a custom tattoo. Will attach photos below. Google search Nightwish Human Nature symbol for more examples. Also possibly the Nightwish name.
  2. Hello guys considering that it's all blocked, i'm trying to make a tattoo for the community. It's my first job for 3dx, hope you like it. There are still many parts to complete, in particular the chest and stomach. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? I thought to put an inscription on the chest, would you like to help me choose? I don't know if the staff will ever insert it, in case i tried it anyway
  3. hello everyone , The Dev kit how to use it (no UV maps) Starter Method For those that have got used to work with UV maps only This Time I will Show you how to make tattoos in 3 easy steps (will provide pics also ) 1) open photoshop >>file>>open and load the UV maps That i have shown you in the other thread how you can export it again file >>open and load your lovely design you have made >>click window >>arrange >>>tile all verticaly So you can see both same time 2) make a dublicate layer of ur design just in case then ctrl +T to free trasnform and scale the design in ur desire size to fit the area that you will place it then with move tool shortcut (v) move it to the other window look pic 3 and apply it you can open designs on photoshop and keep doing same and apply them in the areas you want 3) When you are ready just hide the layer with the UV map and save ur work as png and yayyyyyyy you are ready to submit ur lovely tattoo Ps This Is Method 1 there are many other methods to make tattoos but this is the most easy one for the general people and to get started Hope you find this thread helpful if this thread helped you subscribe like share ....lol wrong line this is for youtube hahaha anyways Goooooo now and createeeee awesome stuff for our awesome Game Later i will show you other methods also a lil more advance till then happy creations everyone
  4. Hi...is there any way we can have tattoos as part of our characters?? for example I have a small platypus tattoo and would love my character to have this too I have attached a pic... Thnx and kisses, Nicki xx
  5. Some Pictures i worked on to show some avatars with tattoos.... some points -- - Didn't expect it to be this tricky - Not the best at photoshop - Just wanted to show the devs characters with tattoos Hope you like them & might make more WELLL ENJOY
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