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Found 8 results

  1. PurePower Streams We are an award winning licensed stream service provider for Shoutcast. We offer many different DJ stream service packages for your DJ’s needs. Our Sales and Tech team known as the “Power Pack Team” is ready to assist you. They will get everything you need to start streaming your very own internet radio station for streaming on Utherverse, Second Life, 3DX, Facebook with a media player provided for your profile or website. So, come on in, join the team, or just come for the party, explore our site and see what we have to offer. Personal Streams Single DJ streams that are played on media players. Free player codes included for streaming on Second Life, RLC, Facebook, etc with up to 320 kbps bite rates and 200 listener limit. This is the most inexpensive way to start streaming the world wide web. You will also be able to track how many listeners you have. Auto DJ Perfect for clubs/stores or those would like streaming music on their own land. Streams are designed for multiple DJ’s to sign in to your “station” and it can also play music 24-7. Includes up to 10GB of FTP space for uploading music, an Auto Control Panel to access the Auto DJ Manger, links to the FTP uploader software, up to 320 kbps bite rates, 150 and 200 listener limit, free player code and stats page. Pricing PayPal Personal Stream 128 kbps/150 Listeners $6.00 Monthly or $30.00 per 6 months 128 kbps/200 Listeners $7.00 Monthly or $35.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/150 Listeners $8.00 Monthly or $40.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/200 Listeners $9.00 Monthly or $45.00 per 6 months Auto Dj 10g Music Storage 128 kbps/150 Listeners $8.00 Monthly or $40.00 per 6 months 128 kbps/200 Listeners $9.00 Monthly or $45.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/150 Listeners $10.00 Monthly or $50.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/200 Listeners $11.00 Monthly or $55.00 per 6 months Specials 192 kbps/150 Listener 7g music storage Auto Dj $6.00 Monthly or $30.00 per 6 months For Tech Support and Customer Service Skype https://join.skype.com/yFvK8mgaRf6P Discord https://discord.com/channels/706999902861000718/706999903619907636 *Tech support chats are not monitored in early morning hours. Please leave a message and somone will get to you as soon as possible. * You may also contact HollyKay in 3DX or at the following : Holly (CSR/Sales Rep) Skype: holly.kay.r3 Discord: HollyK#5092 Website For More Information https://purepowerstreams.net/
  2. Hey all you smarter than me people... I have been fighting with getting my stream working...I have followed MarkFour's blog http://fourmark.blogspot.com/?zx=f3c6a7af429b421a..done the test with media player to listen to stream... i can hear my stream thru 3dx radio in my room But visitors to my room cannot hear my stream. What have i done wrong? or haven't done.
  3. So since I ve read thru most of the post in the server down threads ect. it becomes clear that most of you want to find a reason to held something or someone responsive for the recent server troubles. Everyone who played a proper MMO will agree with me that Log-in Queues are useful at some point. So why is that? Lets give some Tech-Babble Explantation here: So queues are annoying yes, but they do something good aswell. In the past the users kept the servers busy by spamming login requests wich resultet in another crash until a certain point the remain down and need to be rebooted by a network administrator or technican. And that usually took a while. So the queues do one thing... Imagine a Walmart and 1000 people try to get in at the same time. It will make the doors collapse and people are stuck at the entry. If you have someone advising people into a line and letting them in one by one, nothing get broken, nothing gets stuck. So about the Streaming Platform you guys try to blame for the recent server crashes. Now please someone explain me how someone who streams a game into some streamingplatform can generate server-side traffic that causes the server to crash. You just do one thing when you stream... you send a live-feed from your own machine onto a webserver on the internet (wich is unrelated to 3DX Chat) and the users that are watching the live stream there consuming the stream-platforms bandwith... So how is that exactly related to the performance in game? Right there is none. Its just a pulled by the hair reasons from people that dont know how the internet works. And seriously just grabbing forks and torches and run to the forums posting lots of bullshit reasons that causes the server to crash doesent help noone. How about we learn how things work on the internet, then think, then speak our minds? Server is having troubles and need fixing: YES Streaming & Login Queue Fault: NO
  4. Lets make a beautiful Christmas Party Everybody is welcome, if your Straight, Bi, Les, Gay, TG,Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown or whatever this is the Big Christmas Celebration where we all Cherish Love CU there xoxoxoxox PleasureGirl
  5. Tired of the same old music? Want to hear awesome variety of songs? Tune in to NINJA RADIO! simply put in the link above and you're all set! Streaming daily starting at 12pm Eastern Time!* Have a song you want added? Post it here! *Schedule and stream times may be changed at any given time
  6. Yo ! while its usually a bad idea to mix topics i will also add at the bottom of my mail an information for people encountering grey-screen crashes with nvidia cards as it drove me crazy fighting it but i found the solution. so this should be a self-contained "ps" just as source of exact information for people having the same issue in the future, without the need to comment on it. my technical issues are as follows: i cant hear any stream in default public rooms. i do hear streams in private rooms however. when i am in my appartment i cant hear the default stream (if there is any - i cant tell), but if i select manually any of the stations i can hear them all. and yes. thats shit. OK. i checked thoroughly following: - i already followed tips posted here, uninstalling the game, removing any registry settings. i moved the game now entirely on a lightning fast raid0 SDD array and while that gave general loading speed boost in crowded rooms (now near instant) it had no effect on the stream issue. i also checked if the radio.dll is present - it is. i turned the radio ingame option OFF and ON in public rooms without change. ah yes and i tried the two different login issues (US Direct, or EU) (funny enough US is faster for me and EU gives bit rubberbanding when walking but neither of the settings had any effects on the streaming issue) my bandwidth is 100Mbit i manually checked what streaming station would be theoretically used. while in the public room, i can enter it in the browser and play the station (in the browser) without any problem. it just doesnt works automatically in the room (while private room stations or even live streams by players work). i updated the flash version (of "internet explorer" which is not my default browser) as recommended in the general technic tips&tricks thread. so yes im pretty much out of ideas what could be the reason here. the stream works outside of the game. i can load it in the browser while playing. all without any bandwidth issues whatsoever. all other streams work. i already reinstalled the game 2 times and even moved its physical location to another drive. whats the issue ? possible nvidia grey screen stability fix second thing. my gaming rig is pretty much built upon e-sports standards featuring a rock stable system and 2x evga gtx 980ti sc running SLI (parallel). i used it even in competitions and never had whatsoever issues or crash. funny enough in 3dxchat i encountered a grey screen crash on the main monitor (4k Ultrawide) and while the other 3 monitors were still operational i quickly could determine that it was a partial gpu "hard lockup" and you couldnt recover the system unless a complete reboot. after all kind of research (involving replacing the ´be quiet!´ 1200Watt supply and many other things) i finally found out that one of the SLI evga cards which comes factory overclocked in its "sc" superclocked version proved to be not 100% stable in 3dxchat. After years of competitive gaming this is the first application which found that flaw. i had to underclock my gpu´s by 20Mhz on the Base Clock (through nvidia inspector) to get it fully stable in 3dxchat. it may also work by trying to over voltage it, but the stability implications on an SLI systems were not worth for me trying (especially not for 3dxchat alone which is a hm not that competitive environment xD ) - so my hint is: if you have this issue, try decrasing the base clock in -10 steps and see when it gets stable. thats not 3dxchat´s fault, but freaking interesting to find out as this system ran all kind of performance and stability tests over weeks without any issue before. so in case someone ever has a similar issue i hope he finds the thread before losing lot rl time. (the keywords on this thread help finding him/her the info quickly) br
  7. OK, this one has me stumped and I'm looking for some help. With the recent patching (339), I'm not able to hear music in the public areas. I'm also not able to hear the music people are streaming in their rooms. I'm no longer able to hear the music I'm streaming into my room either. The radio channels in my room do work just fine though. Toggling the Music setting off and on doesn't help. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times, including removing all of the registry settings. I've turned my firewall completely off briefly and tried it, still no luck, so doesn't appear to be blocked. I have a high speed cable ISP, robust desktop, running windows 10, so bandwidth has never been a problem. I run with extremely high graphics settings, connections and performance has always been rock steady. Does anyone know how the streaming music (public & rooms) differ from the radio channels, and what to look for? Does the game require any kind of particular browser settings, such as allowing cookies or anything? I'm wondering if a security setting has maybe changed that would somehow impact streaming in public areas/rooms. Any other suggestions would be welcomed. I've been playing over a year and never had any issue like this one. Puzzling.
  8. I have recently developed issues with streaming on "my radio" in 3dx chat. It seems only about half of the members that enter my room while I am streaming can actually hear my stream. It is NOT an issue where they failed to enable radio. They simply cannot hear my stream. I even tried switching from Winamp and shoutcast over to Radio DJ and shoutcast, I tried reinstalling 3dx chat. None of which made any difference. I have encountered other members of 3dx that are having the very same issue. I tried writing Red Devil games twice about the issue, but of course they never replied. I assume they are too busy counting our money to answer questions? I was wondering if anyone else may know what might be causing this issue and if there is any plans on fixing it any time soon? Or is it perhaps just an issue with shoutcast? I am at a total loss. Thanks in advance James
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