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Found 17 results

  1. So most of the options on my profile do not work. I cannot delete gifts if I want to. The only way I can unfriend someone is I have to open up a PM with them, then click on the PM tab and then delete friends. It's also the same if I would like to ignore someone. It's been going on for at least a month or so. I have uninstalled 3dx and reinstalled but the problem still remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Describe 3DX or your experiences in 3DX with a song! There are thousands upon thousands of songs, so make a choice! I'll anticipate your replies. 3DX General Emotions:
  3. (Animations) Would love to see walking animations or different movement styles to add to the game, especially an all fours movement which can add to the RP. _Walking Animations_ 1) Casual 2) Joyful 3) Firm 4) All fours _Sexy Animations_ Would love to see more kinky animations as well, like cuffs or rope bondage. Of course, people may cringe at this, but people can easily cancel or leave the animation or refuse if they do not like that kind of thing. It just adds more spice to the game, in my opinion, and no, these kinds of things don't always mean the R-word people who think anything to do with any restriction means that word have very narrow minds and lack maturity. Just because someone doesn't like coffee doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to drink it _Body Features_ Adding in beards for males and extra sliders for males and females with weight for stomachs or overall weight is something I think is essential on a social aspect to allow players to express themselves more through their own Avi? + more hairs and tattoos would be nice too
  4. Suggestion: 1. Create a new chat channel for any event/room/party announcements: 2. Make people know about rules per each channel in a way of a special welcoming message: (put your correct words because my English is bad and wet) 3. Put a 5 minutes limit per message. It is enough. 4. Make it so that only room hosts can post their announcements and no one else. 5. Put a special rule in site rules about new things. @Gizmo @Lisa Look at it. It can make things clear, decrease aggression between hosts and wc chatters, and whatnot. This is necessary for both sides, in my very subjective opinion. Feel free to leave adequate and constructive comments/ideas.
  5. hello everyone As the title states In game market for 3dxchat and the need for it . Now before you all RIOT on me lemme say how this market will be n how potentialy could work n what are the benefits 1st lets face it 3Dxchat is a awesome game but lacks many stuff ,3dxchat can be so much more if only could provide some cool stuff. So how a In game market will help n how it will work ? In game market will be able to provide clothes n a variety of accesories by hiring free lancer creators to make the clothes and other stuff . then those creators could upload those stuff in the ingame market for a certain amount of xgold and sexgamedevill could pay those freelancer creators every mopnth depending their sales ofc 3dxchat will cut that everyday 300 xgold tip that give us everyday If ppl like for example a dress or whatever there is on that in game market they can buy it with xgold . PS no one is forced to buy anything only those that can n want ppl that are here for sex n dont care about clothes or accesories they can keep run arround naked n ppl that wanna try more clothes etc n be cool ofc they can buy with xgold Now the big question will the in game market be good for game and the players ? lemme say this since no one is forced to buy anything there is no harm Also those freelancer creators will provide stuff that ppl need and again who ever wants to buy will buy . lets face it 3dxchat lacks essential updates lacks social updates to make game keep going . the Social aspect of the Game player base wise is so much bigger Dj parties n events everywhere that aint focus solely on sex Saddly dev team cant keep up with what players are asking they need help to make more content . Gizmo n lisa can focus on making poses n update for all and free lancer creators do clothes accesories etc PS we dont try make another second life game or whatever we try help game flourish n provide a better experience for all people to have fun when they play it . Game need more stuff ppl asking for years The ingame market will sove this problem . If people say No need a ingame market just devs need to hire more ppl make updates ...well ill say this buying 1 year with only 65 euro is so low that dont leave much gain for dev team to get more ppl .micro transactions help n support games so a in game market will do that n many more . For old players its very clear that if we dont change tactic we not gonna see more cool stuff so steps forward needs to be taken. So with all that being said i think No one will deny the fact that we need this . if u take all the facts into account you will see that dev team cant hire more ppl with the money they earn now . So the only way for us to see more stuff without devs go broke the in game market will solve this <3
  6. The goodnight thread When that time comes that ur sweet pillow whispers ur name come here say goodnight to everyone Sweet lovely kind awesome thoughtful amazing friendly people of 3dx Goodnight
  7. "The 1st 3dx Artist`s Festival" Warm welcome to every "world editor" user. How to take part in the festival. Link to the Poll - information about how this should happen. Conditions: 1. Up to 8 participants. 2. Up to 80 KB for each file. 3. 1 week (since 1 July) for preparation,1 week for presentation. 4. No more than 1 file (working place: 20x20x60(height)) per each artist. 5. Google Drive should be used for uploads. 6. Only own creations, which haven`t been published anywhere must be used. 7. Theme: freestyle Explanations/recommendations. "Up to 8 participants, Up to 80 KB per file" was made for optimization. Everyone looking forward for beautiful works, but less reflective textures and lights for better optimization are very welcome. Since Today till July 7 - preparation time when you can create, fix, test your work. July 7 is a time for creating final test and festival file. When your work is done, upload it to google drive and send me the link by private message on the forum. Since July 8 till July 14, the festival should be open everyday for everyone in public place by me or participants. If you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself. Festival file will be given to each participant. Theme: freestyle. "It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game)." Conditions can be changed. I may lost something(info). Nothing is perfect. Feel free to post you questions/ideas here or by pm.
  8. It is interesting to know today. Feel free to leave your opinion. Have a good day.
  9. meoww everyone as the title states im gonna talk about how to find ur long waited partner So how ? lemme say first that it might be a game but some real life principles also exist here example in real life a girl will never accept a guy that is bad dressed or look like he doesnt take care him self now u might wonder wth she talking about lol ..so lemme tell you i see many guys run arround naked then they come talk to u ect ITS a Big NO before u even come closer think about it u run here n there naked lol no girls will accept u also ur clothe choices ..even tho we dont have many clothe choices know how to dress n have a cool image is a must i would never look a bad dressed guy ...why ? simple cause he might not look cool n nice clothe wise ...its very important to know how to dress you might say its a game ...sure but if what we see isnt nice n we dont like it we will never date you same in real life . if u say now ..come on Alivia are u serious ? i will ask you do u date ugly avis n ugly dressed avis ? personaly i dont cause i dont like what i see so appearance is very very important for the first step . After the first impression on how you look etc comes the chat that will allow you to learn the said person you like n build an atmospere some might say its a sex game lol ...well you call this game whatever you want but if ur sloppy n dont know how to chat No gilrl will date you lines like hi BB cold invites in appartments out of the blue ,sex refferences from the first talk ,love ur ass etc n many of that kind lines will get you no where Girls have tons of opportunities to do what they want not to mention we wont die if we dont do sex there are more fun stuff that we do so if u want to get close you need to know how to talk ,be smart , be funny ,be kind , be considerate. So dont run arround naked it look so bad ,wear nice clothes combine them in a cool way ,choose nice colors ,take care ur self n ur appearance before u decide to talk to girls. forgot to mention the ninja friend requests lol ...what you expect by sending a ninja out of the blue friend request ? No one will accept that lol...why accept a friend request if said person hasnt spoke a single word why lol last ...READ profiles so you get some hints and start a conversation ,trust me it will also save you time ..cause for example if u dont read profiles u might hitting on girl that is married or whatever . Hope i helped you a lil muacks
  10. Hello everyone So there was this topic the other day in WC on how to be the top room etc well before i mention how to be the top room ill say that its pointless...why? well speaking from experience having 150+ ppl in my parties ill say its pointless it might sound cool n all but if u follow this path u will loose the game essence Game isnt to compete with ppl having the more people etc,game is to have fun n enjoy ur experience here been there done that learn from that New people in game tend to want to be known w/e....is it wrong ? well i would say its not n i will say that everyone has to live that experience before they learn the true meaning of fun n enjoy the game ...having done all in this game ill say again its pointless to wanna be top room etc ,just think about it .. do u earn anything ? NO absolutely nothing its only a silly idea in ur mind hehehe. Another important thing SPAM ADS: DOES IT HELPS ? NO ...it only shows how hungry ur to fill ur room n makes ppl to not want to visit ur room party rooms is ok to spam djs 2 times per hour so WC can see who djs etc but that constant spam wont help u Trust me its better have 10 active ppl in ur room chatting n having fun in local than have 100 dead zombies that dont do anything heheh If you still insist to wanna be the top room despite what i said here is the recipie A top room is a combination of friends xgold n situation mostly the more friends you have the more to likely visit ur room n using xgold the right moments to top the room might give u that . People tend to follow numbers people tend to visit 1st the 5 top rooms in page so spending xgold to top ur room for few moments as 1st room will give you the chance to get visitors . So xgold is important. i mentioned also SITUATIONAL-luck There are many tricks to get people in ur chase to be Top room like using many dancers etc so you have already a fixed number when u open n as i mentioned earlier ppl follow numbers . i Never used dancers to have a fixed number when i open but i know that for others works ,so u can try it see for ur selfs Now i will say again its pointless n i will ask you ..why u want to be the top room ?why? personaly took me many months to answer that question for my self but i have my answer thus i say now its pointless when u answer ur selfs the same question u will understand but u have to also see it for ur selfs hehehe. i will also mention something important being Top room gets u hated hehehe yes u heard right why ? well ppl tend to compete so if ur top n they arent eventually gets u in their hate list n then dramas start etc. Being TOP 1 year + 50% likes me 50% hates me hehe i learned that much its huge percent lol Do i care ? ofc Not its a game but since YOU want to be top room ill have to tell you all the variables Took me long time to see what is n realise stuff thus i try help you n trust me you will have much more fun if u dont seek to be top room have few trusted friends n party with them ur days here rather spend ur time filling ur room with all kinds of stuff . Iam pretty sure that despite i say its pointless YOU will still gonna try it ...well its not wrong cause you have to live it n experience it n learn Lastly lemme tell you what is the best room n who is the best host : a nice cool clean room ( build wise) music that most people in the room like n have fun and a host that welcomes all people n make them feel like home ,few ppl that are Alive in local chat n not have dead people. with that being said good luck on ur efforts being the top Muacks
  11. Hello ur friendly next door lil Alivia here So you want to do a cool party for ur new house or club or ur B-DAY L.I.O.N group is here to make that happened with the best djs-builders-dancers-escorts and talented poster makers . pm me anytime or any member of L.I.O.N so we can help you have the best party possible
  12. Hello sweet kind ppl of 3dx So today ill talk about parties and overlaping as ppl call it Well personaly i dont care when i have a party who else has a party same day or even same time as me my logic is i pay 20 euro to have fun my way n since i love trance i mostly do trance parties so i have fun with those i want to have fun So my advice to all ppl is chill play the game enjoy have fun do ur parties whenever u feel like or whenever ur in Mood n have fun n stop worry who else has a party Just ur friendly next door lil Alivia Enjoy
  13. A little introduction Hey! I'm NickiV. You probably haven't seen me around much yet... or maybe not at all. That's because I'm still pretty new to 3DXChat. I've really enjoyed my time on it so far, even though it's still a little less than a month. Most of you guys are really amazing and friendly, so thank you so much for the welcoming atmosphere! I'm 22 and come from a little country called Belgium. Don't look for it on the map, you will probably end up searching for a long time. What is this page about? I was hoping to toss an idea to you guys and hoping to get some feedback from it. I know that some of you might look at this page and be like "Nope! Too much text!"... and I'm really sorry about that. But I'm hoping to bring across the idea exactly as I'm imagining it... and hopefully I can! For those who would like to skip on reading a wall of text, there's also an FAQ down below that could give you a quick insight on what this is all about. The Companion Service The Companion Service is a little something I want to try out, but it's not going to be for everybody. It's aimed to the people who find the sexual directness in the game a bit intimidating or who are just having bad luck when it comes to socializing with others. Of course, everyone is free to give it a try... but keep reading first! As the name suggests, the service will allow people to hire a companion. They are people who choose to spend some time (a few hours tops) with a client and interact with them socially and, in some cases, more intimately... but that is not the main focus of the service. If the mood allows it, both companion and client are free to spend their time together however they see fit. The idea behind it is to break the social barrier that so many people bump into. A companion is supposed to help a client feel comfortable and at ease. Of course, the client is supposed to do the same. Both companion and client are expected to be friendly, warm-hearted and social for it to work well. Purple texting is definitely a plus! In short, if you're in need of company, the companion service would definitely be able to help Of course, companions aren't supposed to do all of this for free. A form of payment is somewhat expected and will come in the form of gifts. However, the gifts are not going to be dollar bills and a lewd message... The gifts come AFTER the date and should hold a sweet message towards the companion. Something genuine and kind. FAQ Can I become a companion? Yes! However, you'll need to go through a bit of a screening before that happens. I want the companions to be considered quality people, it's not for everybody. Both men and women are able to apply. To do so you can contact me on the forum here or in the game (NickiV). As a companion, what would be expected of me? Companions are the backbone of the service. They provide a great time to clients in the form of social and intimate interactions. You technically go out on a blind date. However, you're there to make the client feel comfortable and at ease. Remember that you're helping people have a fun time. You're warm-hearted, social, love roleplay and know how to keep a conversation going. How long can a companion be hired for? There's no set chunks of time. Both client and chosen companion can agree on how long their date is going to last. Are companions able to refuse a client? Yes! If a companion feels the client wouldn't fit for any number of reasons they are able to kindly refuse. However, we strongly encourage the companions to try at least one date. I'm looking for more descriptive sex, is the Companion Service a good place to be? Yes and no. Although companions are able to have intimate encounters with clients. It's not the main focus of the service. So hiring a companion with the sole intention of having sex could turn out to be disappointing. On the other hand, if a companion is willing then it could work. Just keep in mind that we expect social interaction from both companions and clients. Why are you doing this? Both my own experience and the stories of others taught me that there's quite a few people out there who are either not finding the right kind of friends/partners, feel intimidated by the directness or are just not having any luck finding people to talk to and hang out with. I'm hoping to mostly help these people by using a friend/partner-for-hire kind of system. In turn, I'm keeping myself occupied too and get to know more people, since I love socializing. How does payment work? Payments happen in the form of gifts. Once the date is over, the client is expected to send a sweet and warm gift. Remember that the companions are big-hearted people looking to make you feel welcome, at ease and comfortable. They devote a lot of time to assure you have a great time. In return, a message of appreciation on their profile can let other people see that they are amazing individuals. Failing to send a gift is considered ungrateful and could result in denial of service in the future. As a client, what do I need to know? It's very important to keep in mind that this kind of service can have a serious impact on your emotional state. Having a caring companion with you for extended periods of time can have you develop a crush or invoke jealousy. Be aware of this when indulging in the service. Keep in mind that the companions are in no way obliged to be exclusive towards one client. Clients who cause grief will be denied future use of the service until they recollect themselves. However, when a companion feels a certain way for someone and wishes to stop as a companion, they are entirely free to do so after informing the rest of the team. Also keep in mind that new clients will undergo a small screening session to help us prevent issues later down the line. Active Companions NickiV
  14. Hello everyone, Make sure to mark your calendars for February 4th, 2017 at 1pm EST/ 2pm CST/ 8pm GMT. It is the grand opening of Gunpla Dance Club. After a month of putting it together, Gunpla Dance Club is ready to be opened. Welcome all to this anime themed room after Gundam Build Fighters. Due to the nature of 3dxChat, I have added as much as I can to give you the best experience while staying away from lagging issues that plague other rooms. Here, you will be able to not only enjoy the outside but to dance the night away. Gunpla Dance Club is a two-deck platform with the first platform having a wide open dance floor with an elevated dance and dj booth in the middle. From the middle, you will be able to walk down to see our dancers in their club cages for your entertainment. There is a section dedicated to those who want to put on a tease with a strip pole platform surrounded by couches. There are two sections filled with beds so after you are done teasing, you can get right down to business. Last but not least, the final section on the bottom floor is a great lookout toward the moon where everyone can get to know each other and nerd out showing their true otaku sides. I look forward to seeing you all there. Make sure to check out the website! [https://jonendless.wixsite.com/gunpladance] UPDATE: Website is now added Above ^^^^^
  15. All are welcome to join in the official opening of Lana Love's Club. Come join us Friday 22 May 2015 20:00 - 01:00 (GMT-5) for dancing and good times with friendly people. Bring your special partner or maybe meet that special someone here. Here at Lana Love's our focus is socializing and dancing but that doesn't mean the adventurous are left out in the cold. Cuddle couches are plenty as well as a spacious private nook. Available for bachelor parties and Bridal showers. Coming soon, our Dove Grand Hall remodeled for wedding receptions. Special thanks: To AlphaSlut for her professional and skilled creation of an awesome poster. β™₯hugsβ™₯ To KittyCream for the tips and improving the look of the club. remodel coming soon.
  16. I thought because it is raining outside and I am sipping some tea, I'd take time out to write something here and introduce myself and relate my story so to speak of why I am here and what I found so far. (Please may I first mention that I write lots, and may sound ignorant or arrogant at times - I promise this is not intentional - I am harmless and sincere by nature). I say making the world a smaller place, because this is what I found when I first got chatting to people on 3DXchat, all walks of life, each corner of the globe (as the saying goes), all in one virtual room. So the internet makes the world more accessible; smaller in a sense. Yet generates a vastly increased understanding of what exists beyond our own lives, which really highlights how big the world is! I had no specific expectations when coming here, frankly I was skeptical, but my life hit a low eb and I needed something. I tried 3dchathouse first, and once was enough and I kiss the money spent there good bye. I wanted to find an adult social community, with fun elements within the online world as well, such as own apartments and customisations. I do play games offline and MMORPG's online too, but I had reasons for needing more. You see, like many here, we each carry problems in real life, maybe struggle with certain social aspects of life, maybe having a period of time that needs filling and some are perhaps just raging horny beggers looking for fantasy and fun. Personally I came here because of a whole list of reasons. Firstly, I have a very rare personality type which makes new social scenarios difficult for me, I am quiet and reserved until I know people are comfortable with me as I am extremely sensitive to other peoples emotions and body language and so on. So hand to heart I can say I have never stepped foot in a nightclub, and certainly never tried to 'pick up a girl', its just not me - I think way to deeply and over analyse things to my own detriment. But due to some really tough times in life I am extremely grounded and mature (with a childlike side), 100% genuine and honest and caring and so on, which leads me onto the next part. Secondly, I am a serial monogamist, and hate gaps between relationships. Having only recently come out of my last one after a year and half of living together, I felt the pain of the being alone again (as I live alone). As is usual for me, I jumped on to online dating as soon as I felt ready but kicked myself for it; so many time wasters and I would get a lot of messages from those who I didn't find attractive, and any I contacted that I liked would maybe reply once but never again. I gave up when I found someone I really liked (many shared interests and attractions) who asked me for my number to whats app me, and we conversed a lot until she asked me if I was the oldest or the youngest of my siblings. When I told her she stopped contact for exactly that reason. WTF? I thought, and gave up and closed all my profiles. To much time wasting and emotional strain for me. All of the relationships I have been in, more or less, are from women who have chased me, not through dating sites or me going on the hunt. Thirdly is simple, I have always been very 'hot blooded' and intense (romantically) and its very rare for me to find someone in real life who can handle that (gosh that sounds so up my own butt, sorry). The online cybersex experience is not even close to real life for me, but I love exploring other peoples desires and interests and I learn a lot by it to aid me in my own life. I guess in summary one might say I am complicated, emotionally driven yet reserved and to all intent and purpose, my own worst enemy when it comes to finding relationships and sexual compatibility it seems. As a hobby I stage act for theatre, and in a months time I will performing a lead role in a musical which I am very excited about. So my life has plenty going on, and the people I associate with are of course from all sorts of backgrounds and styles. Though I am very much a straight guy, I am completely comfortable with my male and female gay friends and love them all to bits. My ex girlfriend is my immediate counter part in this show which really is not easy for me as we are required to be lovey dovey by the end and without anyone else in my life, my emotions tend to run a little raw in rehearsals. So with all this in mind, you can hopefully see how it is that I came to be here, and why its not just been fun so far, but helpful too! My first night on 3DXchat was a great many hours going from one place to another, trying to work out the controls, make my rooms into something individual and try to work out the culture of this virtual world. I did eventually jump into a room that was chilled and sex free and I got chatting to a small group of people which was lovely, as I knew there would be some fellow people who liked conversation somewhere, I just needed to find them. I learnt a lot about the controls and such like, and even got passed over to someone who was willing to demonstrate the sexual aspects of the game and break my online virginity so to speak. This put me to 8am here and I was extremely tired, but content. The second night (last night) was completely different, and this is why I say it is a benefit to me (and for others I expect) as well as a fun way to pass time. nowhere near as many people were online this time, so I couldn't find anywhere to chat and chill, and I wasn't in the mood for anything else either, despite all the hardcore action going on around me (*looks to both sides with avatars banging away and just says....meh*). But then a female (avatar, I don't want to ponder to much on whether they were in real life or not) popped into a busy room I was in, I clicked on the profile and noted they were here for RP only and it was something I could act out so to speak, even though I had never tried it (odd saying that, I RP all the time for theatre...but you know what I mean). So, as I've never done in real life, I started a conversation as best I could with no expectation other than to likely be ignored. But alas I was wrong, we RP'ed a conversation, and....spent a good few hours together (*smiles*). Would it be this way in real life? I thought. Likely not, but I felt really good none the less - lived a virtual dream one might say of still being me, but able to be something to someone else and give them as much pleasure as they gave me (in conversation and other things that is). A new experience in a small way for me, but thought provoking, inspiring and confidence building to say the least! ...if only that happened in real life, I think I could just die on the spot, but at least I'd go happy! Now, I could be alone with the overall feelings about this sort of game and what it can do for people such as myself, but I wanted to share my experience just in case it helps inspire someone out there who is a little shy and not sure to really embrace the essence of the game, and explore things they might never dream of carrying out in real life (according to their tastes of course). I really want to highlight, through the insane amount I have written here (sorry again), how its benefited me at this point in my life and even though I don't expect I'll be here long (eg. when I establish a new relationship) I know it will give me a boost in many areas, even teach me a few things with the help of others. ....And who knows, I may even meet someone as a real life companion, friends or more, through here - it's not impossible at all! PS) Can anyone tell me why it is that after a sexual encounter with nearly every female avatar, the guy has to give a gift? Why can't the guys get gifts for doing most of the work for once! (jokes...well, a little anyway). PPS) I am 'Andromeda' in the game, I have 2 other avatars too which are also named after galaxy's within the Sagittarius constellation as that is my birth sign.
  17. First ever Naked Geek Race. We're looking for participants for the Naked Geek Race. All you have to do is show up at the beach naked, wearing a bow tie, glasses (not sunglasses) and any hat or ears of your choice. Underwear is optional for those that just can't bare it all. A map marking the course will be coming soon! Remember the sharks, if they touch you, you're shark meat and you have to return to shore and start over. 2 Races, 3 laps each, runners must dive off the end of the pier on the last lap. The winners will go on to the final race. Date and Time: November 22 at 5PM EST Time zones Location: The Beach Prize: bragging rights and title Naked Geek Race Champion Gotta have RULES! -feel free to suggest any rule you think will make this game more awesomerer or if you don't like a rule we might change it...maybe 1. No kissing the runners- they'll be slobering at the time 2. No cuddling the runners- a sweaty geek is never good 3. Tripping other runners is cool if you can manage it. 4. Stay on the freakin' course! No shortcuts! Mind the poles (markers) they'll be green. For safety reasons they will be in their undies. 5. Spectator, as a courtesy don't send partner invites or friend requests to runners, that will trip 'em up for sure...well, yeah, go ahead and send partner invites and shizz LOL. Cold invite the crap out of those geeks. 6. If the cops, sharks or markers lose sight of you even for a second that means the sharks ate you and you have to go back to shore. Sexy female cops will be patrolling to ensure that no geek is breaking the rules. Any geek caught breaking rules will be cuffed, gagged and hauled away for interrogation and torture. WARNING All geeks be advised, there will be sharks in the water, you must avoid sharks at all cost and still remain in the race. They will eat you! To be continued..
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