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Found 4 results

  1. I haven't found a way to resolve this issue and its just waaay out of synch which ruins the entire purpose of it, for me at least. I have tried reconnecting it and rescanning the QR Code hundred of times, the firmware and drivers are up-to-date and my phone is on the same network as my PC. PC connected via LAN, my phone via WLAN (no VPN on either sides connected) Help?
  2. A room I visited has latency to my keystrokes in the Text Box. Yes the room uses a hack but not extensively. I've been in larger rooms with no issues. In this particular room the floor does shimmer a lot. I wonder if to much shimmer causes latency? The room owner claims not to have this problem. With 8GB of Ram and a half decent graphics card I don't believe it to be my system. Any feedback would be appreciated. thx.
  3. So here's my problem. I noticed that the game was slowing down 1 hour ago. I checked my internet and everything was fine, but later I was so unable to login back. Thus, I cleaned/deleted the registry, went to 3dxchat to download the .exe again and...now I can't login, or at least the site loads 5 minutes just to let me access and if I click on download nothing happens. It's raining here, so I thought there was an issue with my connection, but instead every other site loads, my download speed is normal, my modem is fine, but I've problems only with 3dxchat and previously a little of slow-loading with the forum. Is someone experiencing my same issue, or am I so lucky to face such problem just during my spare time ? Anyway checking with this site sometimes it seems it's down for everyone.. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://3dxchat.com/ Or not ? And I tried 3 different browsers getting the same result. PS: I repeat my internet is fine as I even tried to play a hd streaming video and it runs without problems. ----------- EDIT: I've managed to enter the site and clicking on Mirror the download starts normally, so there could be a problem with the direct link of 3dxchat, at least for me. I'll tag the thread as "Solved" later after having tested the game and if everything will work without problems. ---------- EDIT2: I've installed the game, but the update keeps loading without moving. And reading other replies it seems I'm not the only one. Hope someone of the team will reply here, or will fix this issue asap.
  4. Hello there, Since a few days I've been experiencing some really frustrating issues with 3DXChat. I've tried solutions posted on this forum, uninstalled the game and cleaned up the registry (as posted on this forum), reinstalled software that could have had an impact, but nothing seems to help. I'm starting to think that maybe it's not an issue coming from my end (although I could still be wrong about that :3). Loading takes long / infinite loading screenThis is by far the most annoying issue. When I start the game, the loading screen just keeps going without end... Sometimes I do get lucky and it loads. But every transition to a new location, dressing room, etc... is a risk of ending up with yet another infinite loading issue. There was a post on the forum saying that it might be caused by bugged clothing, so if I got lucky I removed all the clothing to see if that would fix it. But it didn't... I'm not entirely sure what my next step should be. Would anyone have any suggestions? Profiles and/or gallery images not showingIf I get lucky and the game loads, I often find myself waiting for a profile and/or gallery images to show up. This happened before, but it was rather rare, now it's more of a constant thing. I have the suspicion that it might be connected to the loading issue written above... but once again, i'm not entirely sure. Anyhow, the workaround for the profile bug sometimes helps to get a profile to show, but as soon as I switch to a different person's profile, the issue returns. Both these problems are rather frustrating and makes 3DXChat nearly impossible to play right now... I'm really hoping someone can help me with this, since I tried most of the forum posts that had similar issues described, but without succes. Thank you so much in advance!! xx
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