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Found 5 results

  1. This topic originated in "upcoming-updates-discussion" around P30. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8235-upcoming-updates-discussion/page-30 Forum Moderatron has become a large discussion between members and deserved its own topic so all views, ideas and thoughts can be found easy on the subject. All views and ideas welcome. Is it a good idea for Forum members to moderate their own topics or should 3DXChat appoint their own Moderators. Of course another option is leave things as is.. (added as suggested by Kaitlin. TY Kait)
  2. After another case of this today I start this tread to hear your opinion about the usage of mutual languages in public chats. (World and local chats) For me it's a clear answer for this question. In my own arrogant opinion we all should use English in every PUBLIC! chat. It's just a fair thing, because we all speak different languages and most of us learned English. Sure some speak it better than others, but I experienced that players are very tolerant even you're not speaking perfect oxford English. The usage of mother languages should be only used in private chats. In groups, at home or in pm, but in other chats it has to be English. No, I'm not racist. English isn't my mother language and I often have to use a translation program. But ... in general English is the most international used language and why should it be different in this game, which also is international. How are you thinking about this? I'm looking forward for your answers.
  3. Hallo liebe Mitglieder der deutschen Gemeinschaft Da es immer wieder Unstimmigkeiten mit den geltenden Regeln bei 3DXChat gibt und auch die Sprachbarriere mit dazu beiträgt, habe ich mir die Mühe gemacht die Regeln in eine deutsche Wort und sinngemäßen Übersetzung nieder zu schreiben, welche Ihr ab sofort im Thema 3DXChat Community Rules finden könnt. Falls mir bei der Übersetzung irgendwelche Fehler unterlaufen sind, lasst es mich bitte wissen! Ich bin ja schließlich auch nur ein Mensch Ich hoffe das diese Regeln ein wenig mehr dazu beitragen um den Umgang im Spiel und Forum auch für die deutsche Gemeinschaft zu erleichtern
  4. 3DXChat Community Rules IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY! BY REGISTERING ON THE FORUM, IN ANY MANNER, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THESE RULES. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE RULES FOR 3DXCHAT, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. 1. General 1.01. You must be 18 years or older to play 3DXChat. 1.02. You are Solely responsible for your behavior and your messages in all game chats and channels. 1.03. SexGameDevil reserves the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. 1.04. SexGameDevil may suspend, terminate, modify, or delete accounts at any time, without notice to the With or owner of the account. Accounts terminated by SexGameDevil for any type of abuse, will not be Reactivated. 1.05. Account Sharing is prohibited. 2. Conditions for all game chats, forums and channels You agree not to do any of the Following: 2.01. Excessive use of bad language. 2.02. Insults, personal attacks, abuse, threats, harassment or defamatory are prohibited. This category includes clear and masked language and Both / or links to websites Containing search language or images which: - Insultingly refer to other characters, players, SexGameDevil employees, or groups of people. - Result in ongoing harassment to other characters, players, SexGameDevil employees, or groups of people Harassment takes many forms, and Is not Necessarily limited to the type of language used, but the intent. Repeatedly targeting a specific player with harassment can lead to more severe action. The idea behind this is to prevent any player from consistently being uncomfortable on the forums. 2.03. Any bad comments and / or discussions based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sexual preferences, rape and underage sex are prohibited. 2.04. Spamming is prohibited messages in chats. This therefore includes excessive use of caps. 2.05. All types of exchange, or other options and transfer of accounts from one user to another are forbidden, in all game channels. 2.06. Giving out or discussing a user's personal information without their consent is prohibited. 2.07. Discussion on, or linking to illegal activities, seeking as illicit drugs, is prohibited. 2.08. Discussion on or linking to game cheats, game hacks, Trojan horses, or malicious programs is prohibited. If you suspect did a cheat or hack exists, Provide the Necessary Information to Technical Support. 2.09. All types of advertising messages are prohibited in the chats. 2.10. Discussion of disciplinary actions, or any other sanction bans made by facilitator or administration in all game channels and / or forum is prohibited. This category includes creating comments or threads on the forum to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a character, account (forum and / or game) using chat logs and email correspondence between a player and a forum moderator or Developer. 2.11. The impersonation of a staff member/Administrator at SexGameDevil is prohibited. 2.12. Any kind of provocations for other players to violate the EULA as well as additions to it is prohibited. 2.13. Any attempt to create nicknames, groups, or organized communities of players associated in any fashion Which violate any rules is prohibited game. 2.14. The use of copyrighted, trademarked, patented, classified, or restricted material or information and the violation of any rights of any party, is prohibited. 2.15. All Languages are allowed in public chats, but be respectful. 3. Names, Avatars, Images / Video and Signatures. You agree to not include the Following: 3.01. That contain profanity, Including its abbreviated form. 3.02. That contain insults, personal attacks, abuse or harassment. 3.03. Which Either in whole or partly contain copyrighted or registered trademark element. 3.04. Which have racist, nationalistic implications or comments Supremacy Which may create offense to A Certain nation, ethnic, religious or racial group. 3.05. Which contain insults or derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, mental stature, sex, or sexual preference. 3.06. Which have to association with pedophilia, sexual abuse. 3.07. Which contain personal details / credentials. 3.08. Which contain excessive glorification of violence and / or gore, or are obscene / vulgar. 3.09. Which make reference to addictive or illegal substances or Their use, or any other illegal activities. 3.10. That contain logotypes, symbols, emblems or figures connected in one way or another with Organizations, Which violate or were violating existing laws and rules. 3.11. That are connected with negative historical or political personalities. 3.12. That negatively portrays of the SexGameDevil staff, or administration. 3.13. Which in any other manner Violates the End User License Agreement. If names (player), avatars, signatures, images / video, logos within the forums or within the game violate thesis rules, the offending account may be changed and / or the account may be sanctioned or deleted. 4. Reporting In-Game Violations Can only be Considered When a screen shot / s is provided, CLEARLY supporting / demonstrating the violation. Please report to: 3DXChat support using the website: 3DXCHAT Support 5. Important 5.01. Repeated violations of the Rules or the EULA, Including the areas detailed above, will result in permanent suspension Often from the game and / or forums. 5.02. This policy is not language-restrictive. Language That if under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, Whether it is inappropriate in English or any other language. 5.03. Players May Provide feedback or address any concerns to 3DXCHAT Support. 5.04. The terms of the EULA may change at anytime in accordance with the wishes of SexGameDevil, this may include adding new rules, modifying old ones, reverting some rules or removing out-dated rules without further notice. 6. Disclaimer "This forum claims no credit for any contents posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Contents on this forum are copyright to Their respectful owners. If there is any content (coming from a public domain or not) Appearing on this forum did belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please e-mail us with a link to Said content and it will be promptly removed . "
  5. Hi everyone, I notice the new topic by Gizmo about the game's rules. I would recommand everyone to take a moment and read them. There been at least one change about the use of language in game chats. Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to warn people about the possible changes in the rules. Thank you.
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