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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I had tried 3dx chat for awhile but realized it wasn't for me sadly, and thankfully only bought the month sub. I was wondering, besides cancelling a sub via the members page if there's anything further I have to do to make sure I won't get billed again? Thank you.
  2. As someone who enjoys game making, I was hoping maybe someone could answer a couple of questions. Are making prop poses off limits? You know poses attached to a prop . Example can lap dance poses be made tied to a lap dance chair be made? Could poses people try to make for bondage, be made into actual poses. Can couples animations already made for example, be made to change slightly to interact with another couple? Off the top of my head example would be the girls head up during doggy animation, could it be changed to ...I dunno.. a downward position for oral with one of the other couple if they joined a specific bed prop made for that? Can pose loops be made longer than 6 seconds to maybe 12 for more movement changes before the loop repeated? Example, instead of clicking on a chair and and all of a sudden your seated, could the animation be made were you go through the process of sitting down and when you click to get up you go through the process of getting out of the seat? Can the animations in 3DX be linked together in some way? Where if you already partnered, other poses logically associated with the pose your in have subtle variations not requiring to ask for pose changes all the time? Are animations such as the hug and kiss that don't require being accepted off limits to make? Could say a tag animation be made that acts like the hug or kiss does? Lastly, can couples dance poses be made, or are they off limits by the Devs or to hard to make? Such as Salsa, and a half dozen other couples dances? Can sets off strpper dance animations be made?
  3. This game looks like it will be loads of fun to play with hubby! But, I have some questions to see if it will be a good fit! =3 Sorry, but I do not know where to put this post. I ended up choosing this one. Please feel free to move this post to where it would be appropriate. =3 1. Our laptops are a few years old, can we still run this game? 2. Can we pay with PayPal, pretty please? =3 3. Is there some support for couples? =3 Are there more couples? Or is it really like hookup culture? 4. Looks like we both have to pay the sub fee and then we get all the content? Even new contents? 5. Looks like there is both character and home customization. Are we stuck with what we chose initially or can we change anytime? Does it cost extra? Can we have second, third, etc. characters or locations? 6. Is there support for him filling me up anywhere inside me? =3 7. Is there support for sub/anal/rough/pet/fantasy/costumes/etc.? =3 8. Looking around the forum, it looks like there is also user generated content: locations, outfits, poses, etc... How does that work? Do we have to pay extra? If I see a nice place or outfit or design, what do I do to share that with hubby? =3 9. Looks like there are parties/events. What is that about? How do they work? 10. Looks like there is support for playing our own music and dancing to it. How does that work? Can I make a sexy dance video for hubby to my own music? =3 11. Looks like it is mostly honoring the honor system? I would like to meet more fellow ladies. =3 Or is it that if hubby is eyeing another character, that really it is another dude? 12. What is the process like if we want to invite/find another lady to have a threesome with? =3 I know it is a lot of questions, so thank you for what time and info you are able to give! ^.^
  4. Hello everyone MrAsh here, hi! I am creating this thread to let you all know the specifics of things to do with the game that aren't featured in the support center, I get asked many questions daily, so rather than answering all individually over and over, I shall create this thread with links in to other threads that relate to your questions you have. Streaming In Game Achilles has a thread on the forums which explains streaming in the game in good detail it can be found here: Winamp: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/ VDJ 8 very straight forward: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/?p=34788 Forum Member Skar has also done one for Mixxx: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/?p=35028 Can I get the music played in the NC? Yes you can! Achilles has a thread up with the VirtualDJRadio streams you can play in your own personal room, the one that is played in the NC is the Clubzone. There is a link for you all. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/882-radio-station-links-for-our-homes Curious about future development? SexGameDevil Lisa's Development thread: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/3-upcoming-content/ SexGameDevil Gizmo's Development thread: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/123-update-details/ Have any suggestions for the game? The whole development and suggestions forum has got many sections for suggested content, and if your idea stands out to the rest it will be implemented into the game. Want to become a DJ? Learn more here how to become a DJ Got any Bugs? There is a thread created on the Forums by the member Shanti, this thread is looked at regularly by the Developers of the game, so post your bug reports there the link is here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/1081-bug-reports/ There is also the newly released Technical Support Center, which has many FAQs and how to fix them if you are facing that issue link is here: http://3dxchat.com/support/ Hope this helps Regards Ash
  5. Hello everyone MrAsh here! This thread is to let you all know the Developers have asked me to take 3 questions a week that you all have for the developers and I will forward them on to the developers directly and they will answer them to basically link the bridge between Developers and the Community on development and other things rather than leaving you all in the dark so I am going to be helping them with this to get your questions answered! The rules of the topic: 1) Users have to send their questions via email to 3dxfaq@gmail.com 2) I will choose the 3 best questions per week and send it to developers 3) Developers answer these questions 4) I will publish answers from developers weekly in this thread So get those questions sent in and I will choose the best ones for the Developers to answer! Also all questions will be sent to the developers every Monday 12am UK Time, so all questions need to be sent in by then and the developers will answer them that Monday and then the questions will open again for the following Monday, so if your question didn't get answered but you want it to be answered resend it. Kind Regards Ash
  6. Shanti

    Questions ?

    Answer a question with a question... Do I dare? To tell you how to play? Don't you think it's self explanatory? Are you capable of enjoying a questionnaire conversation? Did you know it's not as easy as it sounds? Wanna try? Has this been done before? Wanna humor me and see if you can stand up to this playful banter? Isn't it true that constructive thought prevents deterioration of the brain? Or do you think this is just stupid? If so, is that because you're just no fun? All work and no play? Can you answer with a single question? ... Who's next?
  7. Ok lets start with an easy one :-) If one brick has the weight of 1kg plus half a brick, what is the weight (kg) of the brick itself? Try to explain you answer and do not cheat with google! :-)
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