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Found 7 results

  1. Well, There are a few things that i constantly run into when reading profiles that seem utterly unnecessary, feel free to share your views: - Forcing or asking subs/lovers to put your name into the profile despite everybody knowing that people with mentioned names do get unattractive for everyone else especially in the BDSM context. Even if youre monogamous and i doubt the most people are, whats the big deal to allow your playpartners not being shackled to you when youre not online. you just bore them. if someone wants to be loyal, why not giving them the chance to show it with
  2. Here's a useful suggestion that should be dead easy to implement. In Second Life, the profiles include a UI tab called "Notes", where one can type in comments regarding each individual we encounter. These notes are visible only to the user, and are really handy for tracking where we met, mutual friends, birthdays, ingame info, etc. I've seen peeps on my friends' list here whom I haven't spoken with in months, and often struggle to recall their 'story'. A Notes tab would be so useful. And as the code already exists for us to edit our profile info, adding a UI tab set to private s
  3. So just curious if anyone here does or knows someone who does custom artwork for the game... I know I'm might be going a little overboard with this but this is my escape so figured i'd see if custom artwork for profiles is a thing.
  4. Forum Challenge while servers are down (Not for regular forum posters, you been there, done it, got the T shirt but you can advise and help if needed or join in some fun forum games if you wish. Thanks) Here you are - a challenge to improve your Forum Skills 1. Make your profile interesting to look at and read. 2. Post 1 a day in 3dxChat Forum. (more if you wish) Are you up for it? See below to help you Good Luck & I look forward to reading you. Profile Instructions Forum Profile. 1. Click on your name, top right. 2. From Drop down menu, choose “My Settings” & clic
  5. I was wondering if it might be possible for there to be a way to limit/choose who can see the pics we have on our profiles. By the I mean for instance if you want to just have a regular pic of yourself but you only want your friends to be able to see them, or for those who want other pics of themselves to limit who can see those pics and make so only people on their friends list can see those pics so they don't have to worry about some creep checking out their pic. What I was thinking was something similar to our options when we open our room where anyone can join, only friends can join, or o
  6. I was wondering if there could somehow be a way for us to know if an someones' avatar is still being used, by that I mean like if they still come online as that avatar. I've been a member for over a year and its frustrating to have so may people on my friends list that I don't see online and it can take months to realize its because they quit the game or or waiting to resubscribe. Anyways, what I was thinking was for a way for there to be something on the profiles that shows when an offline person was last online so that it would be possible to have a general idea if they are still around.
  7. Hello there, Since a few days I've been experiencing some really frustrating issues with 3DXChat. I've tried solutions posted on this forum, uninstalled the game and cleaned up the registry (as posted on this forum), reinstalled software that could have had an impact, but nothing seems to help. I'm starting to think that maybe it's not an issue coming from my end (although I could still be wrong about that :3). Loading takes long / infinite loading screenThis is by far the most annoying issue. When I start the game, the loading screen just keeps going without end... Sometimes I do get luck
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