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Found 8 results

  1. decided to take some pics/short videos. Will add daily https://flickr.com/photos/posiden3dx20/
  2. Leeloo


    I noticed the some peoples succeed to make some posts where they can hide a part of what they write. Can someone explain how please
  3. Rules: Simple. Post a picture of what you find to be beautiful. No rules, can be anything...that's what will make this a fun thread
  4. I was wondering if it might be possible for there to be a way to limit/choose who can see the pics we have on our profiles. By the I mean for instance if you want to just have a regular pic of yourself but you only want your friends to be able to see them, or for those who want other pics of themselves to limit who can see those pics and make so only people on their friends list can see those pics so they don't have to worry about some creep checking out their pic. What I was thinking was something similar to our options when we open our room where anyone can join, only friends can join, or only a group can join.
  5. Hello, Since the patch with the new function "Take shot" and Windows 10 Upgrade, i can't make one shot with the new function "Take shot". The problem is the same with the keyboard, nothing works. The folder of 3DX pictures stay empty. No photo since many day's ago and you ?
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