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Found 6 results

  1. babyfa


    I want to add a new spot were one can add there selfies if they choose, good idea?, or bad?
  2. Photos that uploaded previously using v413 now don't upload under v414, just shows rotating spiral that never stops, is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  3. The app is taking continuously taking photos without asking me to. it is so damn annoying. it is slowing down my gameplay as well. any help is appreciated. my screenshot folder is filled with pics i don't want
  4. Hey Everyone and Welcome to Vito's Erotica This is the first installment of what I hope would become an extensive series of erotic photo-shoots. This a project that mixes RP with actual content creation and has been a lot of fun so far, so if you wish to participate in this(girls, boys, futas, demon-alien-thingys-whatever), just hit me up in-game (Vittorio_La_Phantasma the blue dude) And now, without further ado, i give you the lovely #KItty and #Petsy in Vito's Erotica - Episode 1
  5. Hey all I run a modeling agency in here and im looking for models. If you think you have what it takes message me and we'll discuss it further.Also hiring outfit designers and editors. you also can leave you avi name here and ill contact you.
  6. Hewwo Everybodyyy!!!!!! Wanted to make a forum for my pictures and of any events.. I hope you like and enjoy any pictures i take and upload. I wish to make a diary of this Thank you for viewing and ENJOY!! :3
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