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Found 5 results

  1. Insatiable Clubs Present ılı✞»FALLEN Angel«✞ılı Saturday (1/8/22) ~ 7PM EDT The Most Rockin Tunes By, ılı♫DJ/Mommaʕ•ᴥ•ʔılı ılı♫DJ/Repılı ılı♫DJ/Linuxılı ılı♫DJ/Teneılı ılı♫DJ/Crashdownılı Feeling Devilish?, Need A Thrilling Hard Rock In Your Life? well.. Let us Rock Your Saturday ! dd_11_6.mp4 fallen_28.mp4 fallen_21.mp4
  2. Make sure to swing by Wet Angels this Thursday with @danididit and @Mulan to celebrate our love of Metallica with 4 hours of music from Kill Em All all the way through to Hardwired to Self Destruct, with a mix of studio and live recordings and even some stuff with a symphony orchestra!! Thursday 25 March... 7.30pm CET (2.30pm EDT)
  3. It has been a long time coming. It is time to Hit the Lights. Absolute Concert Series presents The Four Horsemen (in various forms), in all their glory (which basically means up to the black album). Am I Evil for thinking the best Metallica IS their early years? I have No Remorse in that thought. If you disagree, we will take a Crash Course in Brain Surgery, skip the Anesthesia, and remedy that mindset. Although, I may be The Unforgiven, The Struggle Within is Sad But True, we will be covering up to the Metallica album, as Nothing Else Matters. Think me Stone Cold Crazy, but Don't Tread on Me... Join me on June 13th at 9pm EST, as we do a little Damage, Inc in Absolute. Welcome Home (Sanitarium), your Frayed Ends of Sanity will be soothed, your Blackened soul appeased. For Whom the Bells Tolls, your time has come. *Fade to Black*
  4. Cancelled due to server problems of 3dx Come listen to Metallica this night at the Hall of Thorns, Live stream there of the show! Before that, Metallica Party!!! Come and take a look, its free *o*
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