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Found 5 results

  1. many characters in the game are crossdressers, gays, and lesbians, given the times we are living in, it would be appropriate and would bring a great variety to the game if all types of clothes, shoes, makeup and hairstyles were wearable by all genders of character, so to be able to best express your personality and gaming experience... adding chasity cages as accessories could help characters who are not comfortable with their always penis to overcome quickly the problem. precisely due the nature of the game itself, i believe it is an important step for the 3dx community.
  2. Hey, I'd like to ask if there's anyone with avatar saved with headphones on. I know that there's an avatar for females with headphones on, but I simply cannot find any for males, so I decided to open a new topic and ask directly if there's any kind soul that still has this and is willing to share it. Thanks in advance.
  3. oh my GOD, new cumshot unbearable! how annoying this worm ... make a jet as it was before !!! THIS IS LOOKING WERY WERY UGLY!!! If earlier we had spraying of sperm and this did not spoil the general picture of the fact that sperm flies through the body. That is when an smooth WORM passes through a person on through ... FUCK, FULL DEGRADATION, 3DX DIES! save the 3dxchat from death! How to improve the new version of sperm? answer: 1) Correction of the angle of outgoing jet of sperm is necessary 2) prohibit passage through the body 3) make flight spray drops sperm on the area p.s. This survey shows more that people are not satisfied with the work done and quality control. Why are we talking about the past version of sperm? Because he did not look so ridiculous compared to the new. The only thing we want is more quality with updates ...
  4. Come on people, Lets have fun with this! ALSO, add some spice... if you are OPEN to it, tell what the genders are of your avi's! MUAH to all @ 3DxChat!!!! You guys keep me entertained and I LOVE IT!!! <3
  5. I'd like to file a protest to the developers! Women are allowed to have writen phrases on there underwear and men are not. I think this is a serious miscarriage of 3DX justice. Male Underwear is Beautiful Baby!!
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