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Found 7 results

  1. Hello there everyone. I've been having an issue the past couple days where, each and every time I log into the game, I head straight to the character creation screen. After a few seconds, I get "connection lost." This happened to me before and I forget how I fixed it, but I have tried everything from reinstalling, to adding exceptions in my firewall / antivirus, running as admin, so on and so forth. If there is anyone out there who is able to help me, I would greatly appreciate it! Also, my apologies if I am posting in the wrong area, this is the first time I have ever posted on the forum for the game.
  2. So i created an account using https://3dxchat.com/test/ and it says it way succesfully created, trying to create another one using the same account igot an error that said this email was already in use. When i try to log in into the game though it says "Wrong Email or Password" (I quadruplechecked both). When i try to recover my password it says the email im using is not linked to any account
  3. I've been having an infinite loop after login in 2.0, the loop prevents to show any avatar so i cannot remove my clothes to enter in 1.0, i'm stuck in that infinite loop in both versions. I've tried reinstalling and loggin in another machine, so the issue is in the account itself. Please someone help me
  4. i'm not very good at English, so i can't explain well, sorry today i join 3dxchat and install the program. but after that, even i typed correct id and password, i can't login(only launcher, homepage login has no problem) so i did every methods which wroted in faqs and reinstalled program 3 times, but those are no effective at all. there's no error message appears, just remain calm and no response(server change is possible, but it changes nothing). so i don't know what the problem is and why it occurs. please help me, i cannot solve this problem. my pc uses win10 x64, geforce 950,
  5. I have uninstalled the game, deleted files from regedit, reinstalled the game sever times. I get stuck on step three. It goes to four for a while then back to three downloading 257-258. I have also received this error that Nolua received. I am not sure what other steps need to be taken I have run as the admin as well.
  6. Hey Everyone, i just updated to the newest patch and find myself strangely unable to enter the world, everything is just fine up to the character login followed by a never ending loading screen I was wondering if anyone else experienced such issues ... and that right on Halloween, curse it!
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