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Found 13 results

  1. Relax this Sunday and help us light up the night at Lake Keely with cool and calming collections from @Animay, @janeukk, @HazyRays and @Dota. There will be love, laughter and lanterns, and two very special anniversaries to celebrate, as the lakeside's mellow mists bid summer farewell and beckon the autumn...
  2. Lilystock rocks to the sounds of Lilylycan and guest DJ @LillianLangte I predict a RIOT!!!
  3. "Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before..." This Sunday, chillout and lose yourself in the delirium of Lake Keely and mesmerising mixes from @Mulan, @danididit and Dota.
  4. Come and welcome the open air season with us. A beautiful clearing in the forest is prepared for a psychedelic journey. We are accompanied with the best outstanding Goa and Psytrance tunes by @Sarahu, Dota and Tashira.
  5. Spend this Sunday at Lake Keely, lazing in the low sun and sitting by the shore as the soothing, smoothing and sensual sounds of Pussy Quiet's @Mulan @JojoJoana and Dota wash over you like the soft ripples of the lapping lakeside waters... Take your fill of our chill and stay with us till the spectacular sundown...
  6. This Sunday Pussy Riot gets down and dirty and back to basics: Yes, it's all about THE ROCK! Making an overdue DJ debut, @Emily will open with an hour of Prog and Tech purrfection before @Mulan and @danididit follow up with rock and metal playlists that will make your fur stand on end! Mewsic to put the WOW in MEOW! Don't miss it...
  7. Pussy Quiet celebrates the new year with a chilled-out Sunday at beautiful Lake Keely. Mellow out with @Mulanbefore Dota makes her debut with some Berlin bliss.
  8. Dear people of 3DX, you are heartily invited to our monthly Prime Time at the Sky Engine. @Anaganda built an awesome Club to celebrate the latest sounds and beats together in a Steam Punk flair. Doors will open always at the first Saturday of the Month at 19pm GMT/UTC. first hour will be a warm-up with the latest Hits and Pop played from the exclusive AutoDJ after the warm-up we stream Live and direct the latest tracks and beats out of EDM in a music mix Open End... We hope we see you there and you enjoy your monthly Prime Time in music and designs together with friends
  9. Hello ur friendly next door lil Alivia here So you want to do a cool party for ur new house or club or ur B-DAY L.I.O.N group is here to make that happened with the best djs-builders-dancers-escorts and talented poster makers . pm me anytime or any member of L.I.O.N so we can help you have the best party possible
  10. Hello everyone so short storry is i dj in second life in a awesome club called hydra but u all know how much i love 3dx so i decided to bring this 2 hour set i have on second life here on 3dx n invite friends n trance lovers to dance n have fun . PS. it will be only 2 hours party every thursday i hope see you there n have fun with my music <3 Trance music is the air i breath <3
  11. Hello everyone , i want to say a few words about this event i plan. we all love music , music makes our life better ,its there in happy momments n in sad keeping us company. its there when we fell in love, when we share our feelings with someone we love. Its always with us and its always there when we need music . Music exist cause some create cause some give their soul to make music so this event is dedicated to all artists /creators of music to honor them for making music ,the music we all listen in every moment of our life. This is a special event n if any dj wants to play ,here what u need : 1st pm me that you want to dj 2nd have proof that you own the songs/tracks you will play example : http://prntscr.com/h7wtle or http://prntscr.com/h7wv08 or whatever proof u may have cds vinyl etc ...why ? The why is because its a tribute to honor them for making music for all of us n us to show our support to their work n effort . Ty for taking the time to read i wait ur pms with above mentioned <3
  12. Hello everyone , what ppl want here ? i think everyone wants to have fun be it ppl or djs here. i think we all agree that in this game we have fun by going to parties n if ur a dj to spin in a party. My dream here is to make this game a better game , make ppl have fun ,give djs room to play their music ,unite ppl through music/parties/events . I think this game needs parties, i think many djs here play very rare cause they not be invited to play, so If you are a legit dj n by legit i mean if you trully live mix or you even mix offline or even you use winamp n que songs and dont play you tube mixes you are welcome to apply for a spot here or pm me here in forum for my future parties with title "December is my name" n have many series of parties so ppl have fun n also djs have fun. Good quality of music is a priority for dj spots and to make it even better n u also have fun while ur preparing if u want post a demo mix of ur music so ppl that read this thread will also see it 4-5 mins are awesome (this applies to those that mix only) So to be fair date n time of pms will count for each party spots So with no more delay... You can apply from now <3 ps parties will be thursday to sunday so pm ur days n hours that u can spin ty in advance i love you all
  13. the Crazy Angels are presenting their first Clubnight.....
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