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Found 11 results

  1. Insatiable Presents BAEWATCH: Santa Catalina Baewatch: Santa Catalina ... is an exciting new venue on 3 DX Chat. A full resort style island featuring fun in the sun on it's golden beaches, complete with a team of on duty lifeguards ready and willing to assist u as required, a hotel casino, where games of chance will be available, a yacht harbor with functional luxury floating accommodations, many private areas with tents and other fun spots, waterfalls, caves, a maze, and many many more interesting and unique things to explore. Outlying small islands for even more extreme privacy and a leeward side for those that just wanna chill. Of course, there is a main stage and party area where dance teams and DJs will be to entertain and delight. Santa Catalina is your one stop surf & sun fun times southern California place to be!
  2. Announcing Another Great Event Coming Your Way! A Synthesis of Sound Concert
  3. cool version of a wedding chapel for your wedding needs . On site priestess, officially ordained in the church of the internet
  4. Live DJ's spinning your favorite tunes and new stuff, come climb the spider webs and fuk on the spiders, Saturday Feb 3rd starts at 12 noon EST
  5. Grand Opening of The Hanger, An awesome build by Torx with all the amenities. Guest DJ's to include..........ANYONE who wants to spin Almost All Day starting at High Noon Saturday January 6, 1200 EST 5PM GMT, 5PM CET OOlisa Room. Koke co-host Trying to get Torx to add a Stool to the DJ stand
  6. Intro: Yo, who these people think they fooling, fam? Like really, they on here chasing each other on the beach to have sex, my dude? Like who does that, yo...yo..check me out.. (( Beat Drops )) I'm a monster when it comes to addressing the horror Call it bad karma on those who didn't honor the god when I was authentic in my honest persona Now I got that loaded neena ready for anything they offer Like this barbie who floods rooms with an ad to come chase a chick on the beach like that's proper Yo, I'm a grown man, I don't play games for the sex I come to the chick and let her know what I want with respect I give her the kiss to the neck and she start giggling and shit We go to the Home #1 and we naked on the bed and shit But nah, we got grown ups who want to go to the beach Make a game where they running around chasing each other like how we was before we was teens Like, they the type to suggest 3DX to give us the ability to climb on trees I'm like, what type of life do you have that got you wanting to play hide and go seek On a game that's really adult oriented, shit ain't making sense to me What adults you know is at the park chasing each other just on casual outdoor fun time Nah, adults on they grind trying to punch that clock on time Work them hours so they can get home and sip that wine Log on to 3DX and chat with some like minds And if they lucky? they might have some cyber sex that makes them cum And then it's good night Fucking right I said it, and made a rhyme about it Dare you to come and comment like you got something to say about it It's open forums and it says " speak your mind " so I'm gone speak about it In lyrical format so you can see I'm bout it Bout what? Lyrical word play on your worst day I'd run circles around you leaving you dumb founded on your bed lay Time on my hands so I watch what I type Get it? I'm lying cause if I did I wouldn't have been banned from the Forums twice I'm just that nice Potent with the words that I write Make people itch in they skin organ like they rest with bed bugs at night But for " you people " it's more like lice My melanin got me feeling like the devil among angels yet they think they posing a threat Like how a dude from the block more BDSM then the majority of you pale necks? Like how a dude from the block spitting hot shit but would accept a " cold " quick Yet watch how you salt shakers get mad off something so harmless I'm like, yo, let me cold them and then out talk them Let me send the cold invite to then ignite the brain waves and show them that just because I cold you Don't mean I won't actually talk and make your pussy walls fold, boo Peep the message, the blessing is in disguise While these white guys scared to lie with some white thighs of a white girl cause they think it's really another white guy Projecting how they really got a white lie within em for not liking the white guys And won't come out the closet to allow they laundry to dry So they stinking with insecure mildew funk but get on World Chat to cry Like dude, get a grip, there's real women OFFLINE How you on a sex game complaining about any thing We got people claiming to be cheese burgers and Troll Kings Listen, I got a mac that'll go click clack like a belt buckle And when I aim it at your dome? call it a cat scan Cause these cats think they can speak they mind and not get in trouble B-d-d-d-d-at!! (( drops the mic ))
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen, It is with great honor that I announce I'm sharing my room with everyone. The name of the room will be called Endless Dance Sex Club. I will be streaming music to the club but I encourage any electronic, dubstep, trance, and hip hop djs to contact me so that you too can share your musical talent. If enough djs do agree to play in the club, I may keep the club open longer so that you have more fun. Below are two posters. One is for the grand opening on 3dxchat 1.0 and another is on 3dxchat 2.0. Please feel free to check out the club website by clicking here. Please make sure to also check out the rules of the club located on the FAQ page here. Want to be invited to special events at the club in the future? Make sure to sign up for my VIP list which is located on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Please put your name and "EDSC question" as your subject. I look forward to seeing you soon! *UPDATED* We have a 125 song mix for our grand opening on 1.0!!
  8. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I don't mean to detract from the tragedy in Belgium in any way (see my signature if you think otherwise) but no one has posted this yet, and it needs to be posted in every forum on internet, in my humble opinion. Phife Dawg: Hip Hop legend, inspirational MC, and born entertainer, died last night from complications related to Diabetes (which he had been battling since the late 1990s). He was one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest, and later a member of Diggable Planets before releasing a single solo album in 2000. He was a clever and poignant rapper who was unafraid to shed light on problematic areas of US society, but he had an amazing tendency of keeping his tone light, even uplifting. He was one of the greats, and he will truly be missed. Phife: Rest In the Peace you so richly deserve. Your words will live on forever. The official story (RollingStone.com): http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/a-tribe-called-quests-phife-dawg-dead-at-45-20160323
  9. I had so much fun last week that I wanna do iitttt again. This time taking request! Starting at 8PM EST. This time request only. Enter your request here! Location: Night Club
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