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Found 5 results

  1. so that's... pretty much the question? There's a joke goes around says that devs have some kind of forehead fetish that makes them trying to expose as much foreheads on avatars as possible(jk), but that actually brings a thought—— how long since we got last full/thick fringed hairstyle...? about 3 years? then every hairstyle, either short or long, even it's like it supposes to be a thick fringed one(such like that bob-cut with exposed forehead and 2 mini buns on it) doesn't have any thick fringes. maybe...just maybe...? use the layer/hider system to make something that players can messing around and make their original designs on hair?
  2. So we all know most of the new hairstyles( all those made after v2.3) are combined from 2-3 different individual layers such as bangs and fringe, and a main piece. Then from the last major update we have hider/ texture system, which means. hide/ replace a part of outfit is possible. So... Maybe devs can try to make 1-2 hairstyles with hider feature, or simply splits hairstyle to 3 different layers such as “front hair(fringes), main hair, Accessories(ponytails, which have multiple slots like accessories)” and let player customize their own hairstyle for avatar? it might sound silly... but It's not hard to make, and probably works, which could save time for developing and meet the need of players at same time---you only have to make several new pieces of layer at one update instead of making and debug the whole hairstyle, and it can also modifyed from old hairstyles which already debugged to save even more work! @Gizmo
  3. I dont know if anyone suggested it before but it would be nice to have a Mirrored version of the Hairstyles. Reason: My like to look at us if we slowdance and I hug her from behind, but strangely most hairstlyes cover the hugging persons Face(what is a bit unfortunate): but if the hairstyle of the person in front would be mirrored you could see almost the complete face from the person behind. what would be nice to have imho. so Pleeeeeaseee Thx for reading Regards Luke PS: Mirrored like: Left to Right (not front to back )
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