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Found 8 results

  1. Since the idea was brought up in another thread to have existing animations only in 3DX properties currently like Spin The Bottle or the Diving animation at the Yacht added to World Editor - would having the ability to add only specific wanted couch poses, to the couch, bed poses to the bed, pool poses to the pool, etc... be a desired WE feature for creating custom furniture?
  2. I know it's kinda stupid to say when the server is still down but......we got daily xgold, and we could only using it to purchase a beer, get married, change names, up the rooms or gifting each others.... so I was thinking: could players upload their own items/clothes, or furniture for sale just like second life/imvu, and use the xgolds they earned/purchased to buy some official items(such like rare clothes, sample houses/official made rare furniture)? Or maybe simply......allow the players transfer money with each other? ^ ^III
  3. hi all, When adding partner are we able to use her/him in single positions on devices? For example me using single positions and the partner i added to alocate a single position to her
  4. Hello 3dxchat, What if we started a store that you could buy clothing, accessories, gadgets, gear, furniture, jewelry, shoes, different dance moves, different moans, and the all time favorite bundle packages? The guys are very limited on personalizing their Avatars to make them be themselves. The woman have a better variety to look sexy in all rooms. Now lets not get crazy on the prices either. So instead of just using your gold to gift someone. Now you can personalize yourself and give your own personal swag. I chatted with some friends in game and they liked my idea. but lets keep the gold prices from 500 to 1000 for bundles. Any thoughts and ideas to make this happen? Please apply to this chat forum and lets make this happen. Thank you for reading my post.
  5. How can i remove uwanted furniture i add before at my appartment?...i mean out of appartment , i have lamps outside and cant remove i have some hearts in the floor too and cant remove, as any way to remove that? xoxo Starbunny
  6. HI, Why can't I buy furniture or plants anymore? About six months ago I bought lots of furniture and plants, did you stop providing these? Thanks! Jake
  7. Hello, I've been decorating my apartment and came across a (...) section where a stripper pole and some BDSM-type furniture is found. I placed the latter in the apartment and tried to interact with it. There is no gear icon when I hover on the furniture, nor does it work with "Bob". Is this piece of furniture useless at the moment or are there requirements for using it. I've always wondered and would like to know.
  8. Hi, Sorry for all the newbie questions, but I do try and research them before posting. I understand Admin can reset my account so the furniture that I add or move will stay in my scene. Please do that if you can. How do I write directly to Admin? Thanks!
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