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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone. For as long as i - (LinnyLoveHeart) have been alive a festival called the "EASTER BE-IN" - Hosted By Insatiable - Saturday April 8th - - Sunday April 9th - Start Time 3PM EDT has been held in my home province in Canada (BC) It originally began In Vancouver, BC in 1967 & has grown to become a World Wide event The "Easter Be-In" is a gathering of Bands ... in our case DJs ... all in one venue It runs dawn to midnight daily for 4 days and is HUGELY POPULAR It is a celebration of LOVE, PEACE & MUSIC and held at a special time of year People come together to celebrate life listen to some great music of various genres, Dance and enjoy each other's company & party together Have a few cocktails &/or beer or BOTH Possibly smoke a shitload of pot (so rumor has it) Fuck a lot (again this is just a rumor) and generally forget the problems of the real world for 4 days. We will attempt to duplicate this event for 3DX Chat WITH A Brand New Venue Created Named {Bad Bunny}
  2. 3DXChat Monthly Snapshot Contest - March 2017 - Easter/St. Patrick's Day Welcome to the official 3DXChat snapshot contest, share your pictures with us all and get a chance to win one of the many prizes. This months theme is: Easter/St. Patrick's Day How is the winner chosen you might ask, let me clarify: There is a panel of 4 judges that rotate every few months, making sure that things are kept as fair as possible. Those 4 judges send their votes(6 in total, 3 for each category) to me at the end of the month and I count them all up and then we should have a couple of winners. Lets say two pictures get the same amount of votes I will then send the judges the two pictures and ask them to pick their favourite until one comes out on top. If you are still in doubt about how things work, or just have a question about the contest, please do send me a private message, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Rules:Only post one picture every 24 hoursPhotoshop pictures are allowed, but will be judged against other Photoshop picturesIf you have made ANY edits to the picture, you must clarify which in your postBlack and white filter, Cropping, Minor light adjustments and text, do not count as editedPrizes: First Place - 5,000 XGoldSecond Place - 3,000 XGoldThird Place 1,000 XGoldTips: Run the game (and the patcher) as administrator but first add the game (and the patcher) to the exception list of your firewall and antivirus.Use the [Print Screen] key on your keyboard to make a snapshot (it will be saved to the '3DXChat/Screenshots' folder)Use these hotkeys: [shift + Z] to hide GUI, [shift + X] for Depth of fieldGood luck, have fun sharing your amazing pictures!
  3. Happy Easter and hopefully some blissful holidays to all of you and your loved one's! Also, be wary during the egg hunt, they could be everywhere Oh, and if you've seen this easter bunny, send him my direction immediately
  4. Everyone is welcome The local chat language will be a mixture of german, english or any other language you speak. So no rules in this case. But... since this is a party room, colds or unasked friend requests are not tolerated. Please respect this Europe / Berlin 10:30 PM / 22:30 CET Europe / London 9:30 PM / 21:30 GMT America / New York 4:30 PM / 16:30 EST Philippines / Manila Friday, 25th 5:30 AM / 5:30 PHT KISSES Felia & Chloe
  5. Disclaimer: The following is not meant to offend anyone in any way, is not reference to any person, real or fictional, and is purely intended as artful literature to be shared and commented upon. However, if you are offended by anything contained herein... at least it made an impression Bunny curls up protectively around the Easter egg to get some sleep... But the Easter egg does not really exist... The Easter egg is really a cushion... Bunny doesn't want a cushion, Bunny wants a real egg! Bunny throws the cushion onto the ground... The cushion-egg breaks and smashes on the floor in Bunny's mind... Bunny is sad... Bunny cries... Bunny runs away into a field... Bunny gets shot by the farmer... ~ BANG! Bunny is bleeding... Now Bunny is dead... Bunny has a black-tie funeral, but nobody comes... Don't cry more tears for bunny... Bunny's gone to a better place... Bye bye, Bunny... Sniffles... I'd be interested to hear people's reaction to this. Please leave your thoughts below or send me a PM. Thank you for reading Note: Edited for better readability. I'd been awake 36 hours when this spilled out of my brain.
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