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Found 13 results

  1. What if the game whod look like this in the future or is it only a dream lol. What do you think the game will look like in the future? Let's say 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now... Let's trow ides and thoughts
  2. Wich one agree to folllowing content that shoud be added in the future more interacting during sex and non sex scens. able to pick dick size and thicknes also pick ball size etc. diffrent types of moaning. able to add spit during oral sex / sex. able to add oil during oral sex / sex. wet sounds effects during oral/ sex. gag sounds during oral sex. spit threads and spit bubbles during oral sex. cock covered in spit (dripping). precum effects.. more oral sex posses. diffrent size of breast. able to change the age on the charater 18+ and up to like 60+ ( so you can see on ther body and face if they are younger or older ). body hair (male) chest, arms etc. make it possible to pick your hight on your charater. make more changes to the eyes, lips, jaw. bukakke orgasm animations and screams for us women. diffrent flirting expressions BBW make it possible to see the uper parts of the panties when wearing low cut pants or skirt. butplug get pregnant golden shower Stay safe My english is not the best ( not my first language) so be nice lol )
  3. Anyone more then me that think holding hands whit your partner, friend, husband/wife whod be nice? Both when standing, sitting and walking.
  4. Who things the 3DXChat game shoud be more like The Sims in the future ?
  5. Heya, I don't know about you all but almost everything about male avis is so wrong to my eye. They have nothing appealing going on except a giant cock (which stays erect all the time...but that's another issue I suppose). Their faces are not appealing to look at, their body shape is like they all are gym rats and their wardrobe is pretty much non existent, their animations (even some sex animations) are awkward at best and too damn stiff! I think there should be a major overhaul for male models, clothing and accessories. What are your thoughts on this? Thankies for your feedback!
  6. Here I will post about the game updates, which will be added in the upcoming patches. Upcoming Updates Discussion
  7. I am not getting all the poses I only see 3 avalable to me during sex and then more show as I move along
  8. Apologies if this has already been answered in another thread. Why is searching for personal content limited to only 1 year ago? For example, searching for my own posts yields only 65 items (as of today), when this is actually my 134th. Unless I'm mistaken, this restriction wasn't in place until very recently. Because I have used that search function to go back and check my previous content on multiple occasions. I know, first world problems... but it's still frustrating.
  9. Hello 3DXChat Community! Due to a lot of questions from players who want to create content for 3DXChat and not sure how to go about it I will write this thread on instructions and guidelines on what to do and how to do it. So without further ado, let's begin! So you want to create content for 3DXChat, wonderful! Like me and many other players, we want the game to flourish and do well and this is one of those things that will help get it there so... There is an Admin on the site here called "Lisa" click her name to go to her profile, she is the one in charge of handling User Created Content. She is the woman to talk to if you want to get your content you have created into the game itself. You will need to hand her a link to your online portfolio, that demonstrates your talents and abilities in creating different types of content or the content you want to create for 3DXChat to be able to make content for 3DXChat if it is up to the quality standard the game precedes.. 3DXChat uses the Game Engine "Unity". So you will need to be able to make content into formats that Unity supports example .max for models and such. Modelling/Animations: Will require the program 3DS Max 2012+ or any other Modelling program that allows you to export to the .max format. Texturing/Materials: Will need to be hand painted/crafted in a program that allows the exporting of .png like Photoshop or Gimp etc... Sound: Currently not being required at this time. (Will update when Sound is being accepted) Architecture: People who are interested in designing and building areas, will need to demonstrate their Architecture skills of a scene or many scenes they have made and that they are able to build in the Unity Engine. Programming: As the Unity Engine primarily works in C# Computer Language that is the Language you will need to know and be able to code in but also JavaScript if you prefer JavaScript to C#, if you have any ideas or designs of new systems that you feel 3DXChat will benefit from that you are able to program yourself, please have some evidence of the system you have in mind in a visual form for the Developers to see and acknowledge. If I have missed anymore content that can be added please send me a PM and I'll add it. But as I say, all queries and submissions must be made to Admin Lisa as she handles it all. So make sure you have a portfolio of your work you have created and have had experience in the field of what you want to submit for a good period of time, of knowledge you have acquired over the years. Good Luck and thank you for having interest in helping the Devs with developing their project, 3DXChat! Kindest Regards Ash P.S. I know Admin Gizmo made a post with User Content before, but it doesn't state all the guidelines that the devs follow and accept. P.P.S. Any content that isn't your own created and gathered from another source will not be accepted, it all has to be of your own original work. P.P.P.S. A 3DX User known as FrenchTouch has posted a starting resource kit for people to work with for custom content for 3DXChat. It can be found here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4610-3d-creation-ressource-by-ft/
  10. So I decided to make a little graph (bored) as to see the updates we've been getting in a more visual structure. This is just how many times we've received content this year (client updates with content). This data was taken from their update page and of course has varying degrees on what is in each. Ranging from 1 piece of clothing to the rare (7 pose update) I merged an incorrect date into September (October 30th 2014 is not here yet! ). I am also leaving out user created content for obvious reasons. Since those were made by our awesome community and are not taking our money. If they are then sure, I can make one with them added. Cheers. What do you think is reasonable as a community? In the 8 to 10 range, 20+?! (Purple bar)? Discuss it here! UPDATED: 11/7/2014 Added female/male focused content. If content was released for a specific gender it was counted. (mm/ff poses. Female/male only clothes) Hetero poses and hats which aren't gender specific were not counted. This is purely for people looking at how much content was added for specific genders. I'll update this as time goes on with updated versions.
  11. Hello everyone, I hope all is going well for you. I am a long time forum lurker and a player for a few months. This is quite obviously my first post I must warn you my post will be lengthy, but I feel it is necessary to get some things off my chest. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been in the game industry for nearly ten years, working for two developers as well as working as a free lancer. Currently, I have started my own studio and recently was accepted into the Xbox One Developer's Program. My expertise is in the art department: modeling, texturing, rigging and animating. In my humble opinion, I am quite good at those four things. Because of the nature of this forum and the game it represents I will NOT disclose which companies/games I worked for/on nor will I disclose the name of my current company. I DO know what I am talking about people and I am not posting to cause problems or start fights. Instead I am posting this in the hopes that it will inspire the devs to step up their game. As developers you are charging players for access to a beta game. This is both good and bad. As a dev, when I think of early access, I think of two automatic requirements of my company: DAILY interaction with my player base (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and the forums) and WEEKLY UPDATES and I mean every week. Your players are paying $20 a month for an incomplete game. You must be adding to and improving your product for your players. Personally I have paid more than the typical cost for a game in order to play your game and many other people have paid you far more. You guys CAN do better. You have a great product, however what you have will not last unless you do something bigger. I don't know how many people you have on your team, I know in many cases there are things that will take longer if you have a small team. Hire more people if you must. Use players who have a knack for 3d modeling like you have been. But don't reimburse them with your wacky in game credit. Give them a few months of gameplay for free. On the topic of user generated content....its great, but why are some of the only good updates to be released created by your users and not you? It's great that players have talent for creation but they shouldn't be doing your job for you. I guess what I am trying to say is that the issue is no longer just about game development but also how to properly handle the administrative side of the business. As I said before if you need more employees, hire them. If you don't have enough money, employ more players but reward them better than with in game currency. To the owners of the company, if you can't afford to properly progress this game perhaps you are paying yourselves to much money? I know that if my games progress is not where it needs to be and I need to take a pay cut to hire someone that can help, I would do it in a heartbeat. It is easy to sit back and take it easy when you have money coming in...maybe get a little lazy. I'm sure a lot of people here think that you guys aren't even working on anything new. Why would they think that? Well, you don't release updates on a regular basis and you don't tell people what you are working on. Post on Facebook, Twitter and here on the forums. Communicate with your player base and don't wait until the last minute to tell them, "Hey we haven't said anything in two weeks but we are about to release an update" Your players are your livelihood, don't take them for granted. In closing, I am sorry for the rant but you guys need a sort of reality check. If you don't improve your game will die. For as long as you have been working on this game you should have at least 10,000 active players, more locations, animations and sexual preferences (shemales and threesomes). You have a great basis for this adult social game, keep it going. If you don't, someone will see what you have done so far, take it and make it better. Someone will do it anyway but at least if you keep your loyal players, you will remain the standard for an adult social game. D1SC0STU
  12. What would the community say about a feature to create own clothes? A lot of people are really creative when it comes to clothes and such things and it would be nice to get involved in the development. So giving us the texture templates for the different clothes and let the community do there thing. Give everyone the option to upload textures for new clothes and the devs can say yes or no and implement them to the game. I have seen this in Achat or in Second Life and everyone was doing some great work.
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