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Found 9 results

  1. When you load a clothing save in the closet, the saved character shows up. When you go to a room, the previous character set-up returns. It is like the saves are not sticking or loading correctly. I've tried changing items, loading rooms and bouncing back and forth to the closet in different sequences. It works maybe 1 out of 25 times.
  2. Hi everybody, and sorry, I didn‘t see an answer to my question. I am very new to this game and really want to spend a good amount of time on my character‘s looks. I‘ve got the body and clothing spot on to my liking, but am unable to zoom in on my face. I can rotate character or room with the left and right mouse button and zoom in to the center with the mouse wheel. However, I want to zoom in on my face, since I want it to represent my ideal. Is there a trick to freely move the camera and then zoom in on the face? Thank you for any help, Nina
  3. Guest

    Why alternative characters?

    Hi everyone, I've raised this before in-game and it prompted an interesting discussion. I wanted to add it here so that other people could air their thoughts or at least think about it because I think it's something players of this game should definitely consider. There is a similar game to 3DXChat out there which has this statement on it's website: "You will also be asked to choose a Gender. This can be whatever you wish, and does not have to be your true Gender. This is a fantasy world, so feel free to be whoever you want to be." With each account in 3DXChat there are 3 character slots with 3 different profiles. I think this means that the above statement applies to 3DXChat too, however I have found that in-game there are many people who expect players to be true to their real life selves in character and profile, and that characters that are not are considered fakers. If this is the case why have three character slots with three profiles? Putting two people together who have opposing views on this often causes issues. I've seen it happen several times. So what is the correct approach?
  4. Hello and welcome! I'm not new here to the game anymore, but I actively see ways of improving it even still. I've been part of the forums for a while and have put forth my input on some development suggestions elsewhere, but one thing has been bothering me for quite a bit... And I feel like it really, seriously, needs to have a change: The ability to check availability on new character names. (The reason there was a cost applied towards the creation was because people were abusing the system and trolling on newly created- then just as newly deleted- characters. The ignore system we have in-game now seems to work quite effectively. I think this alone would solve the problems for many, but perhaps not for all. ) I think to meet everyone halfway, of requiring the 10k XGold (not sure if that cost changed) on new characters to avoid drama,would be to also allow people to check availability on the names someone may want. What this 10k XGold charge has done is nearly require new players to immediately pay MORE $$ (on top of the fee they just paid to join!) in order to either fix the choice they just made/tested (since there is NO WARNING that if what you choose is available is what you're stuck with). TLDR; make it not cost anything to verify the availability of a name before creating a character. Lastly, I just wanted to create a poll to see how many people are even still interested in having the cost on creating new Avi's. It may come across as a bit off-topic to this thread, but they are kind of one in the same... Edit: Should include that the poll is multiple choice...
  5. Hey! So I have three characters, which filled up three slots. At the bottom of the character select screen I see a button that says 'buy a new character slot, 10k xgold' or something like that, but it's greyed out! I have 17k xgold floating around, can I not buy more character slots?
  6. Which Mr. Men or Little Miss are you ? Just another silly thread, to see how y'all would describe yourselves through these characters. Tell us which of these adorable characters you see yourself as, or maybe even post one for your friends if you recognize them. And if none fits you, make one up Charater descriptions can be found at the official website : Character descriptions ************************************* Little Miss ************************************* Mr. Men ************************************* Have fun !
  7. Here's to resurrecting old threads, and thank you Rochi-kins for the inspiration Your Avatar! Rather than break away from the original theme, I'd like to imbue this thread with new flavour, but using the same creation software. The premise here is to recreate the likeness of any famous character, whether from a movie, anime series, video-game, etc., by heading over to Rinmaru Games and combining the myriad of options available. Then, save the finished portrait and upload it to a website, Imgur for example, so that it can be correctly posted here I came up with the idea because, as Mikey pointed out in Rochi's original thread, there is no short (shaved) hair option, and I really couldn't settle on a particular style for my avi. So, I thought I'd instead post my interpretations of the wandering samurai, Kenshin Himura. One of my favourite anime characters, with a distinctive style and admirable demeanour, his stature though (at only 158cm tall), being a far cry from mine Posing for his picture in the park: No thank you, miss Kaoru: Hitokiri Battosai of the night: I'm curious to see what other characters people can bring to life here
  8. Hello 3DX Community! Join me next Saturday for a celebrity and character cosplay party. Come dressed as your favorite celebrity or character. You can even come as one you hate for the purpose of satire. For the first hour and a half we will play a guessing game. So I ask that you put a few details in your profile about your main avi so that others can try to guess who you are. After that, please put the name of your main avi in your profile. Most of all, let's have fun with it!!! You do not have to be a character from the 80/90's unless you want to.You also do not have to create an avi to join in on the fun. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20140823T00&p0=179&msg=Flashing+Lights+Cosplay+Party&swk=1
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