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Found 3 results

  1. I thought it would be fun to display some Signature Banners for Forum Profiles with instructions how to display them. I'll include the instructions first what to do. Then upload some Banners. Please feel free to use if you like them. ****************************************************** 1. Log into Forum. 2. Go to your Forum Profile by clicking on your name, top right and choosing “My Profile” Option. 3. Then click on “Edit my Profile” in a black box, on the right, towards the top. 4. On the Left is a menu, Click on Signature. This will lead you to your Forum Signature / Banner pag
  2. 3DXChat Banner Contest - February 2017 Dear friends, we want to start a monthly 3DXChat Banner Contest. Post beautiful banners here and get prizes. The winners will be picked by the dev team. Rules: Required banner size is 300x250 pixelsPost your banners in this topic - Any number of banners per post is allowedAny number of posts from 1 member per day (you can post banners every day)Photoshop is allowedUse images from 3DXChat (not other games or photos)Sex and nudity are allowed It's required to include 3DXChat logo (download here), Description text (any) and Сall to action button Prizes:
  3. Who are the contest banner ads targeting? Understanding your target audience and knowing what type of web properties will perform best with your banner ads raises an interesting discussion perhaps. Excluding word of mouth, I'm sure 3DX gets customers from all types of web properties. For example, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, 3DX member websites and yes porn sites as well. So, are the banners intended to targeting males, females or both? Do porn ads out perform ads that imply romance, sexual fantasy, adventure or even online friendship? My guess banner ads on porn sites out perform all ot
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