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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings everyone, I would like to put this person to attention for the 3dxchat communicatie, as a crazy person who lost control and does a lot of things to make my experience of 3dxchat, a horrible one. I have added a couple of screenshot of my conversation with Silkebe. The conversation is in dutch but simply translated, Silkebe is furious in this conversation and calls everyone an asshole or a whore, calls everyone a horrible person even if they just gave me a compliment and being nice to me. Silkbe didn't let and didn't want me to talk with other people, crazy person. In one picture you can see his actions, where he dances next to me when he is on ignore. He shouldn't be able to know where i am, but still knows to find me, this is stalker behavior. Screenshot has been made by a friend of mine. Silkebe has also hired people to stalk me, they are on ignore but as you can understand, he ruins my fun and experience of 3dxchat. He even threatened me a few times and because of that, i even closed the game out of panick from that monster. I honestly do not know what to do with this because ignoring him, doesn't seem to work well enough to get him off my back. I hate him and i hope people here have some tips for me because i have also reported him many times but nothing worked. Thank you.
  2. As my earlier post here covered: As a wedding or party organizer, a builder, a club owner, or just another player... Maybe you have an party coming up and you want everyone to enjoy themselves. Maybe you've completed your latest handiwork and want to show it off. Maybe you're getting married and you want it to be a celebration for everyone to attend and a day you'll remember. Maybe you're just hosting a club with specific rules and wish to see people abide by them. Whatever the reason, opening your room to the public is an option that brings communities and people together. Some come for the content, others come to create and share. Some come to enjoy themselves, and others want to help others enjoy themselves. Whatever reasons we're here, we all deserve to have a little more control over over who can come into and stay in our rooms. As mentioned in my post in the other topic... you can of course ignore someone - which prevents them from joining your room, and from interacting with you at all. But it doesn't remove them from your room, leaving them free to continue to do as they please. Imagine trying to host a wedding, and someone just runs up to the bride and groom and starts trying to ruin the ceremony. Imagine trying to create a peaceful environment for people to come and relax, and someone comes in spewing racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs. Sure, you can report these people and ignore them, the latter of which may fix the problem for you, yourself, locally, and the former taking time and multiple people complaining about it. Then, after you ignore them you can restart your room, which kicks everyone out and you have to wait for everyone to return, sans the troublemaker. Not that the issue isn't that people don't get ignored or banned - they do. The issue is when that one type of person gets it into their mind that they will do whatever they can to crash any event someone hosts, and spread nonstop toxicity at every turn, despite the innumerable ignores and bans... the kinds of people that proudly proclaim that they will continue to do it regardless, and start purchasing new accounts, just to get back into the party and bring another unending flurry of bull. It's literally forcing people to either close the rooms and reopen nonstop, or not open it to the public at all. To make matters worse, these people can even log onto multiple accounts, and have these multiple accounts all report their target at once with no intention other to try and get them banned for some bollocks of a reason. If room hosts could kick, they could at least ignore and kick someone, effectively removing that instance of the person from causing issues in their room, without having to shut down a wedding or otherwise great party. Similar to my post from before I'll cover a few simple FAQs that spring to mind: But can't people abuse this/get a power trip - Sure, but, I mean, it's their room, their rules, right? This won't prevent someone from getting yet another account and doing the same thing - True... but it allows hosts to deal the current account swiftly. What if someone kicks me for a reason I find unfair? - See answer #1. I don't think people should be able to kick me from their own place, it's heckin' rude. - You'll get over it. No one would actually buy THAT many accounts to troll that hardcore. - Oh, bless your heart.... Cheers, -L
  3. Hello everyone I just want to ask if anyone can help me out. I was playing 3dx 2 days ago with my gf and I was having a strong drink. I mistakenly mentioned the forbidden word in the chat as I was making fun of it I got banned but unfortunately I don't have the order ID so I can't contact customer support to explain that I was actually drunk. I'm not a person that breaks rules but I wasn't thinking straight that night. It's still displaying a "?" next to the thing that tells you how long is the ban. Can anyone help me out in anything please? I hate breaking rules and that mistake won't happen again hopefully
  4. Good evening everyone. Now I entered the game. After a few minutes, the connection was lost. I went in again. Again the same thing. The third time I was informed that my account was banned. I want to know why?
  5. Petition For Ban/Eject Button for Room Owners i have been here 18 months now ,and for those that I have spoken with and interacted with this is something that is way overdue. Personally i am sick of putting up Rules for My room (Usually Two 1. No Colds 2. Have fun) and then having zero control if someone breaks the rule. As a room owner and DJ I am asking for those that support this to get behind Me , and show Your support in hopes that the Platform Creators can make a change ASAP. I know some here think they have the right to just abuse others, but I frankly have had Enough. This isn't My first rodeo so to speak. I have been in Virtual platforms 16.5 years, and i have never saw a platform without these simple controls. There are lots of room that allow colds its posted normally, and that is their right. It is also my right to not allow colds, and HARASSMENT, AND DOWN RIGHT DRAMA . This is a simple implementation to have these simple tools to prevent it. So please get behind Me on this, and for the Platform Creators if you are listening Respectfully please listen to Your paying Customers. GIZMO PLEASE...Make this Happen..Next Update. DJ Mike "The Magic Man " Out for Now See ya in world
  6. So let me get this straight, I just joined this game with a 1 month subscription and I'm banned after 2 days for saying one word of a certain "server" that a friend warned me about. I was telling him I enjoyed the game so far and he warned me not to mention the other "server" he misspelled it and me thinking he mistyped corrected him with a question mark at the end. Next thing you know my account is blocked. Is this some sort of joke?
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