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Found 5 results

  1. As my earlier post here covered: As a wedding or party organizer, a builder, a club owner, or just another player... Maybe you have an party coming up and you want everyone to enjoy themselves. Maybe you've completed your latest handiwork and want to show it off. Maybe you're getting married and you want it to be a celebration for everyone to attend and a day you'll remember. Maybe you're just hosting a club with specific rules and wish to see people abide by them. Whatever the reason, opening your room to the public is an option that brings communities and people together.
  2. Hello everyone I just want to ask if anyone can help me out. I was playing 3dx 2 days ago with my gf and I was having a strong drink. I mistakenly mentioned the forbidden word in the chat as I was making fun of it I got banned but unfortunately I don't have the order ID so I can't contact customer support to explain that I was actually drunk. I'm not a person that breaks rules but I wasn't thinking straight that night. It's still displaying a "?" next to the thing that tells you how long is the ban. Can anyone help me out in anything please? I hate breaking rules and that mistak
  3. Good evening everyone. Now I entered the game. After a few minutes, the connection was lost. I went in again. Again the same thing. The third time I was informed that my account was banned. I want to know why?
  4. Petition For Ban/Eject Button for Room Owners i have been here 18 months now ,and for those that I have spoken with and interacted with this is something that is way overdue. Personally i am sick of putting up Rules for My room (Usually Two 1. No Colds 2. Have fun) and then having zero control if someone breaks the rule. As a room owner and DJ I am asking for those that support this to get behind Me , and show Your support in hopes that the Platform Creators can make a change ASAP. I know some here think they have the right to just abuse others, but I frankly have had Enough. This isn't My fi
  5. So let me get this straight, I just joined this game with a 1 month subscription and I'm banned after 2 days for saying one word of a certain "server" that a friend warned me about. I was telling him I enjoyed the game so far and he warned me not to mention the other "server" he misspelled it and me thinking he mistyped corrected him with a question mark at the end. Next thing you know my account is blocked. Is this some sort of joke?
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