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Found 7 results

  1. Stream with Shoutcast Server and WinAmp DSP Plugin 1.) The Stream Hosting Server Rent a Stream Hosting Server! In our example we do this with HMC Hosting Member Center and a Server. This Server is with 10$ monthly very cheap and have a good quality *Look at the end for a cheaper alternate After your order you get the Login datas via Email... 2.) Configuration of the Server Now you should have the Login datas of HMC via Email Go to the Link in the Email and Login in Centova Cast Now you should be in the backend of your Centova Cast stream server. On the left side you see some configuration button: Press the Quick Links Button! Now you are in the Quick Links page and on top you should see your streaming server index page: For example: (link is fictional) Copy this link and save it in a Note or same thing. This link have two parts, the first part is the IP to the server and the second part after the : is the selected Port. Later is this the Link for your Radio in your Home in 3DXchat 3.) Configuration of WinAmp and DSP Shoutcast Plugin WinAmp: Download and install latest Version here Shoutcast DSP Plugin: Download and install latest Version here When you open now WinAmp should open in the same time the Shoutcast DSP Plugin didn't open the Plugin from self: Go to WinAmp Options -->Preferences--> Rider "Plug -ins"--> DSP/Effect--> double-click on "SHOUTcast Source DSP v. xxx" DSP Shoutcast Plugin Now you need the saved link of your server index page! Go in the DSP Plugin to the Rider Output Rider Login--> Output Configuration Port: is the selected Port of your Server, is in your link after the : ,for example 9876 DJ / User ID: let it free (is important for Shoutcast V1 Server) Password: you find it in your Email of HMC or in the Centova backend You can view all the datas in your Cantova backend! Rider Directory: Here is for your fantasy the way free That are only infos for your Stream Index Page... The stream should be not Public or your stream is listed in the Shoutcast Network as Radio station, then you need a Radio stream License Rider Encoder: Encoder Type: MP3 Encoder Encoder Settings: Your server stream bandwidth, 44100Hz, Stereo Rider Titles, Artwork & Logs You can change the Settings but isn't important for your private stream When you have all the Settings, press Connect and you should see in Status the streamed Data! Now you can set a own Playlist with WinAmp and stream this to your Server. 4.) Push your Stream in your 3DXChat Home Copy the saved link of Step 1 and Paste it in your Radio --> My Stream --> Enter stream link field Done The Software for Stream is not matter, the way for stream is in the most programs similar! In VirtualDJ or Traktor2 is it a bit easier but this programs are not for free I hope it was somewhat understandable, my english is not the best, sorry! * There is no guarantee for trouble-free cooperate between linked stream host providers and 3DXChat!
  2. I did not see the new member tutorial when I started the game. It is not showing up on the menu screen also. Can anybody help me? Thank you
  3. Hey all I want to write this topic to help some users to find more peace in our Forum! I hope it's some helpful to enjoy the Forum without some unwanted Status Updates, Posts and Private Messages. The Forum Ignore System works similar like the In-Game Ignore system and with them is it possible to ignore some unwanted people very easily After the disabling of the useless User-Rating Stars and with some helpful settings with the Forum Ignoring should there be no way for bullying anywhere but of course will this only work if people want it. How you can Ignore someone? On the right side top with an click on your name is a Dropdown menu and behind this menu you will see the link Ignored Users - click it... You will see now this field: Now you don't need see unwanted things again of someone Unfortunate will this not work for unwanted Status Updates but with some clicks is it possible to see only Status updates of your friends and following Users How you can see only friend Status Updates? 1.) Create a new Stream 2.) How your Settings could look 3.) How you can find this new personal stream 4.) More personal Settings with this Drop-down Boxes are more personal Settings possible... I agree, some more settings like the In-Game Ignore system would be cool but for now are this settings a bit helpful to enjoy the Community without useless Fights and Dramas
  4. Hello, I hope someone may be able to assist me with finding a way to start the beginner tutorial; It didn't automatically start like it's supposed to. I read the information in the basic manual that states the link should be at the bottom of the menu window, but there is no option for me to select "reset tutorial". Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks in advance for any advice you have. Sery
  5. Hey yall, I'm playing on a Macbook Pro using playonmac. I keep accidentally zooming in using the trackpad, and I'm not sure how I'm doing it. I usually try to move my view using 2 fingers on the trackpad (right-click+drag), and sometimes I zoom in on my character. I've been searching far and wide for the answer to this (because I want to know how to control it), but haven't found it yet. Anybody know how to zoom using the trackpad? Just to clarify, I'm not asking about the spycam view - this is in standard play view. Thanks!
  6. Hello 3DXChat Community! MrAsh here! *Waves* So, whilst we are waiting on the SexGameDevil Development team to add the rest of the GUI and rework the games mechanics to work with the new GUI layout many of you are facing a bug in the tutorial which is stopping progression of it. Especially at the "Virtual Partner" section of the tutorial so I will run you through a fix that has been proven to work in other threads but with screenshots to help follow the points more concisely. So this will require editing registry entries for the game in your systems registry which I will run you all through now... (All screenshots will be on a Windows 7 OS sorry Windows 8 players I will try my best to explain it though as it's the exact same method on Windows 8 as it is 7, also the same for XP users.) 1. You will need to find a way to access your Run Command window. To do so is as follows.... You can access the Run command by pressing the Windows logo key +R. 2. In the run windows text box you will need to type in "regedit" This will bring up the registry editor now this is where you will need to be careful not to edit incorrect values as it could mess up many different things in your system. 3. You will need to go into the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SexGameDevil/" directory. As shown below. Now these are all your SexGameDevil values for 3DXChat. Now the one you need to edit is the following..... "tutorial-live_h4262489650" which is near the very bottom you may need to extend the "Name" tab to see it.... Now double click this and change the value from 0 to 1. Reboot your game and it should be fixed for you and you can then begin editing your personal room. Good Luck and I hope this helps! P.S. Important information... If it is the other parts of the tutorial you are struggling to get through due to bugs, please edit the other values above the "tutorial-live" registry entry. The two I have highlighted below to "1" from "0".
  7. Can someone please fix the bug with the tutorial... If it is not a priority then remove it so we can get on with what we need to, especially referring to the HOME EDITOR TUTORIAL... it's a pain in the... u know where.. don't just ask us to live with it or wait for it to bug out.. either fix it or get rid of it.. thank you
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