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Found 5 results

  1. Rocking Tavern Special - 1pm - 4pm CET Hosts Vanhia & Niluc with New Room, RocknRoll & bouncing Oldies The Double D Bistro - 4pm - 7pm CET Hosts DavinaP & DavinaS with their mix of 80's Pop & Rock, Bar Dancers and New parts of the street completed with more areas to play Rocking Kats - 7pm - 10pm CET Hosts Elena & Kat with the Best mix of Pure Rock & Blues in Town
  2. All are welcome to post songs for your special someone with a small note for all occasions.
  3. As a few know, I enjoy my partners dancing for me in public and in private. Women can certainly seduce their man or partner with a little effort and the right song. I'm sure men can also do the same for their ladies or partners too. This topic is to post your favourite seductive dance / lap and pole dances and the songs to go with them. Go on, choose a song and do it for your partner... they will love it Dance for your Master (or man or lady or partner) "FEEL IT" sexy choreo by FRAULES
  4. I would just like to say, Happy Mothers Day for all the UK folks here and I hope all of your mothers and you ladies with children have an amazing day! I wish you all a fantastic day and hope you all get truly spoiled hehe ^^ Happy Mothers Day Ladies and thank you for everything you all have worked so hard to do bringing up your children! You all deserve a day off! Love you all! Again have a wonderful day ^^
  5. Hello 3DXChat Community! MrAsh here! I am here to announce that I, and LovelyTezz, will be hosting a Love Themed Event on Love Island on Friday 24th April 2015 @ 9pm GMT (10PM UK Time) It has been requested for a long time to have a love themed event in game, that is strictly love songs and the like being played all night long and so I thought to myself why not! It is something people have wanted for awhile! So here it is, the event will become a reality! LovelyTezz is helping me with the Song List, so you have her to thank for all the Music choices that are chosen and played at the ev
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