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Found 12 results

  1. Insatiable Presents Independence Day Monday July 4TH 6 PM EDT Rose's Roadhouse Independence Day, also called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States, the annual celebration of nationhood. It commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 DJ Line UP DJ MommaBear DJ Jamin'Jamie + MORE 3dx Most Desired Dancers FLAUNT
  2. Insatiable Presents A Special Opening Canada Day ~ At Isla FLaunt Today (7/1/22) ~ 6PM EDT Opening To Celebrate The Anniversary of Canadian Confederation, Of The Grand Up North Beautiful Lands Of Canada, Beach Side Honoring This Special Occasion The Best Way We Know How... Canadian Rockin Styles Of DJ MommaBear & Friends The Sexy Pleasing FLAUNT Dancers All This In More! So Wontcha Join Us eh?
  3. Insatiable Presents {PRIDE MONTH} @ The Depths Sunday (6/26/22) - 8PM EDT being proud of who you are in every possible way, being able to shine bright to who you wana be, welcomed and accepted as you are, we invite everyone to our pride month event to throw a party for you! DJ MommaBear Red SquatchTeneLinuX 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Sensual Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT never shy away from who you are, when you love yourself, you see life brighter
  4. Insatiable Presents EXOTIC FATHER'S DAY Strip NIGHT Club nyx TONIGHT (6/19/22) - 8 PM EDT A Nightclub, Strip Bar, & Gentlemen's CLUB All In One, To All The Fathers Out There Needing To Celebrate! Go Out On The Town to Feed A Desire, Today Is About You! So Why Not Enjoy It! DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ Tene DJ Squatch 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT LIVE Strip NIGHT! Cum Fill Your Excitement & Enter Our Hot Spot
  5. Insatiable Presents SENIOR PROM The way it SHOULDA BEEN giving you a do-OVER!, bringing a magical time in life from the past!, NOT back to the future style! but the power of 3DX, be that person u always wanted to be and have a night to remember ! (Sunday 5/29/22) - (8PM EDT) Special Dances, Prizes For Best Dressed!, Trivia, Mini-Games & MORE! 6 DJ Line Up DJ:Ravaged DJ:Squatch DJ:Nightsong DJ:Tene DJ:Linux DJ:MommaBear F L A U N T Dancers! make sure to have a formal attire !
  6. Barefoot Beach & Insatiable Clubs Presents At The Beach Friday November 26TH @ 4PM EDT A Event To Be Thankful For Bringing You Trivia, Prizes & A FootBall Minigame Women Of The House Cookin Up A Feast Of Hot Tunes DJ xLori DJ Fanhey Vaper DJ StrawberryMartini DJ Islaa DJ GirlWendy DJ Jamin'Jamie DJ MommaBear The FLAUNT Dancers Phoenix Band
  7. A.I.-3DX Presents The Final Ride! Doble Dece Calgary Stampede Event Closing Ceremonies Friday (7/16/21) - 5 PM EDT Time To Giddy On Up To This Celebration Of An Annual Rodeo, exhibition, and festival, The Calgary Stampede "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" We Host in This Wild West Themed Heavens Escape, Opening This Friday t on Horseback, W/ Country Style Tunes, Streaming The Event LIVE & PRIZES! DJ Line Up DJ Ron Keith DJ Gremlin DJ MommaBear 3dx Most Desired Dance Team FLAUNT d_d_special2.mp4
  8. Rocking Tavern Special - 1pm - 4pm CET Hosts Vanhia & Niluc with New Room, RocknRoll & bouncing Oldies The Double D Bistro - 4pm - 7pm CET Hosts DavinaP & DavinaS with their mix of 80's Pop & Rock, Bar Dancers and New parts of the street completed with more areas to play Rocking Kats - 7pm - 10pm CET Hosts Elena & Kat with the Best mix of Pure Rock & Blues in Town
  9. All are welcome to post songs for your special someone with a small note for all occasions.
  10. As a few know, I enjoy my partners dancing for me in public and in private. Women can certainly seduce their man or partner with a little effort and the right song. I'm sure men can also do the same for their ladies or partners too. This topic is to post your favourite seductive dance / lap and pole dances and the songs to go with them. Go on, choose a song and do it for your partner... they will love it Dance for your Master (or man or lady or partner) "FEEL IT" sexy choreo by FRAULES
  11. I would just like to say, Happy Mothers Day for all the UK folks here and I hope all of your mothers and you ladies with children have an amazing day! I wish you all a fantastic day and hope you all get truly spoiled hehe ^^ Happy Mothers Day Ladies and thank you for everything you all have worked so hard to do bringing up your children! You all deserve a day off! Love you all! Again have a wonderful day ^^
  12. Hello 3DXChat Community! MrAsh here! I am here to announce that I, and LovelyTezz, will be hosting a Love Themed Event on Love Island on Friday 24th April 2015 @ 9pm GMT (10PM UK Time) It has been requested for a long time to have a love themed event in game, that is strictly love songs and the like being played all night long and so I thought to myself why not! It is something people have wanted for awhile! So here it is, the event will become a reality! LovelyTezz is helping me with the Song List, so you have her to thank for all the Music choices that are chosen and played at the event! (As I am hopeless when it comes to that sort of music hehe) So I have LovelyTezz to thank for that, and I hope you all will do too! It's something special and something different and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as me and LovelyTezz will! So everyone get ready for the event, and I will make sure to make it a remembered one! I have a strong feeling it will be a great night and for many reasons so I hope you all will be there even if you aren't a couple with someone, you never know you might find someone at the event itself! I also have the awesome Twiggy helping with the event also she is going to be doing a little "Couple Matching Dating" event before it, to bring people together ready for the event itself and further beyond! (Hopefully) This event has been in planning for quite some time! And I have decided to make it an extra special one with all these different plans set in motion for it! We also have The Fine Young Bartenders hosting the drinks at the event! So I am happy to have them aboard the event it's going to be one to remember I can feel it! So I hope you all enjoy yourselves to the Love Music into the night and I expect to see many couple dances! And even if one couple find each other through the event and continue together beyond after the event then that makes me extremely happy! I will also be making a nice speech there for the event also so make sure to look forward to that! I cannot wait for it, so many events this month all with their own unique feeling and atmosphere! Let's all make it an awesome night! Hopefully see you all there! Kind Regards MrAsh/LovelyTezz/Twiggy P.S. Thank the lovely Shanti for the poster!
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