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Found 6 results

  1. SFL - STUDIO FANTASY LABEL., Is pleased to invite you all for an unforgettable Country Night, in a fantastic room built by Zhanee, in the good Old West style, come dance, and listen to good music with the best DJ's and their wonderful sets. 7 hours of good music and a lot of fun. HOSTESS DJ BIACAT, gates open from 20.45pm / cet. We are waiting for you SFL - STUDIO FANTASY LABEL., A le plaisir de vous inviter tous pour une soirée country inoubliable, dans une salle fantastique construite par Zhanee, dans le bon style Old West, venez danser et écouter de la bonne musique avec les meilleurs DJ et leurs décors magnifiques. 7 heures de bonne musique et beaucoup de plaisir. HÔTESSE DJ BIACAT, portes ouvertes à partir de 20h45 / cet. Nous vous attendons SFL - STUDIO FANTASY LABEL., È lieto di invitarvi tutti per un'indimenticabile Country Night, in una fantastica sala costruita da Zhanee, nel buon stile del vecchio West, vieni a ballare e ascolta buona musica con i migliori DJ e i loro meravigliosi set. 7 ore di buona musica e molto divertimento. HOSTESS DJ BIACAT, cancelli aperti dalle 20.45pm / cet. Ti stiamo aspettando
  2. Announcing the Grand Opening of Honeyville! Its a small little township, amidst the mountains, with a Saloon, Bar and Grill, Coral, Barn with a Dance and Performance platform inside on bailed hay. There is also a small "fun" jail, a Large INN, two small cottages for "intimate long playtimes" and a large area of open prairie land to walk, roam, dance, chat and or gather. There will be music provided by guest DJs bringing their own style of Western and Country music. And who knows? Maybe a bit of mischief and mayhem maybe involved. Time will tell The date: Friday, January 25, 2019 Times:5:00 pm EST to 10:00 PM EST Everyone Welcome!
  3. Wanting to host a relaxing event. Not many places do Country and I have always opened my rooms to do Country. I figured why not host an event. Something different and calming.Currently seeking DJs to spin some Country music I have 3 slots open
  4. Isn't it about time to remove the snow and Christmas deco from the Saloon? The Saloon Button depicts the front of the Saloon sans snow and Christmas lights... it can't be more than a couple lines of code to make the switch.
  5. First of all I want to say I love the new location. Great choice. Gives me the feeling of 1800s Colorado. And I love that the place is set up more for parties than overly "furnished" for sex. I would love to see a western/cowboy hat added to the inventory though, fitting the place and theme, perhaps a few more clothing items to the same. I know this new location just became my favorite because of it's set up so I'll hang out a lot there, and I sure would have my hat on every time I visit. Question though, will it be always winter there or it's just for the actual winter? Doesn't really matter to me, just curious. I already have some ideas for movies but I would definitely love to have the hat as addition for the place. That being said, I know it's a hard work to maintain and upgrade 3dxchat so I do appreciate all your hard work, fellas. Thank you for that! Cheers!
  6. It looks like many folks have migrated back to Fresco because of the killer snowing particles in the new room, Saloon. While I had no problems - recently built a beast computer and have beast internet - many people had serious issues fighting with lag and crashing. Not good. My guess is - not only my opinion though - that the snow particles are killing people there. So I am posting this like a "petition" asking the devs to get rid of the snow. Please post and comment as it were a signature so we can get this had. Cheers!
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