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Found 6 results

  1. Insatiable Clubs Presents Insatiable's Gala Christmas Masquerade Ball @ Our Home World) Sunday (12/26/21) - 7 PM EST to aid the W.H.O.'s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund $1 CDN for each guest that attends will be donated to this worldwide fund to help the World Health Organization vaccinate the world The maximum number of guests will dictate the amount of the donation. DJ Line Up DJ Crashdown DJ MommaBear DJ REP DJ Linux DJ Tene 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Sensual Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT
  2. GRAND OPENING CARNIVAL PARTY xJohnWickx's room Dj Yamira & xJohnWickx LIVE MUSIC !!! DATE: 25/2/2020 TIME: 22:00pm
  3. Come one, Come all to the Masquerade Ball! Craig and kitty cordially invite everyone on the planet (the Planet 3DXChat) to Top Floor to celebrate their birthdays! We managed to survive one more trip around the Sun and we're goin' 'round ag'in! Time: This Saturday from 7 PM to 11 PM, EST. Location: Top Floor: Role Play Rooms The music is free; the booze is gonna cost ya Dress to impress (whatever that may mean for you, we don't judge). We wanna see your beautiful soul, but don't forget the mask!
  4. A PINK and BLUE Masquerade Ball ​WILL happen this Tuesday night (10-03-2017) in ​The EDGE OF THIRTY Night Club ​8-11 PM EST ​Music by DJ StarrFyre ​Sponsored by EXOTIC & EROTIC EVENTS
  5. Hello Curious Community Through this posting i'd like to introduce a compellingly exciting form of Masquerade, delicious gossip, devilish fun and dangerous games. I've decided to make this an exclusive event to ensure the most enjoyable experience for all attendees, Voyeurs, Couples and also Singles are welcome to swing by, all it takes is an application, either via PM or Forum. The event itself will be held with a touch of descriptiveness at a private location, since it's a pilot project we shall try to bridge the degree of rp to balance and find some kindred spirits for what I could imagine, a series of future events. The dresscode will be "Black Tie" and a Mask goes without saying ( It means a formal attire, dress and suit for those unfamiliar ) The bracelets shall define your level of desire/interest. White stays for purely innocent voyeurs, watchful from the side, undressing with the eyes, indulging but not partaking. Yellow resembles couples that like to watch and being watched but wish to exhibit their kinkiness without others touch. Orange signalizes interest to touch and be touched but not to be shared. Red itself symbolizes the full thrives of passion and indulgence a frivolous masquerade can offer. Questions and Applications are gladly taken, all I ask for the partakers is to keep an open character slot for the event and tone down the profiles to be unrevealing, baring no more than necessary notions like preferences and single or couple status, names will be distributed shortly before the event to assure a maximum of anonymity. If you desire to attend as a couple or in company please refrain from revealing your identity to more than your respective other, I kindly ask for some discretion, should you believe to know some of the participants, please keep that to yourself to ensure a mysterious atmosphere with the lingering shadow of doubt. Everyone likes something illicit ...;-) Time Converter ( Saturday 14.03.2015 - 23.00 to 1.00 GMT ) The Ending is but a benchmark, when time is fleeting by, the evening might as well be prolonged. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Erotic+Masquerade&iso=20150314T22&ah=2
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