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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! This is my first topic that I post. Thank you for reading. While playing 3DXChat, we often talk about gay poses (MM, MMM). 3DXChat already has MM and MMM poses(thank 3dxchat very much!), slowdance, or others. But we still don't have same things as MF has (for example, double penetrating poses, cum shot to stick to men). By placing 2 or 3 pose places, we can make 3some pose places...but still not enough. So I want you guys to talk about "What gay/bi users want", to make our request visible to others. Even if you see what you want has been already written here, please write as your own comment not just read or add reactions. I think it's important to make our requests visible, and also many is better than one or a few. I'll leave a word as keyword to find this topic: " gay cum shot " .
  2. Hello! The whole idea started when I noticed a lack of rooms for gay/bi players to find each other. I have decided to open a room where the LGBT community members can meet and make friends. Of course, it will always be open to everyone, but this is its main intended purpose. Thank you very much KatyaGKatt for building the most awesome room! I will open the room on June 17th, I would guess around noon GMT, but I plan on keeping it open as much as possible (aiming for 24/7, although it won't always be monitored). I have attached a few screenshots of the place. I will see you there to enjoy some EDM mixes together
  3. Just something to wet your whistles. please feel free to add. Enjoy
  4. I wanted to start this thread to see if any other gay of bi members feel like there is a lack of gay mm poses and if others think we should have gay threesome mmm poses. Right now there are about 57 straight mf poses and 34 gay mm poses. The last mf poses were added January 3rd, the last mm poses were added November 3rd. Many of the mf poses could easily be gay poses. I have also heard many complains from other gay members about the game not having gay threesome poses. What do y'all think?
  5. Are you a gay man, or someone who loves them? Come sail with us, Caliber and Princess Sugar Bunny, on our Gay Pride Cruise this August 16th! Chillaxing on the high seas has never been more fun as we enjoy speedo races, strip trivia and The Gay Dating Game! Come dressed in your brightest rainbow colors and compete in our Mr. Fabulous contest! There's never been a 3dx event as Gay as this one - and that's something to be proud of! Love, Want to learn more about my parties, workshops and events? Visit my website at http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny!
  6. So I know this isn't up everyone's alley being a m/m dating/sex sim, but this is an independent game I've been following for quite some time and it finally released two days ago. It's good to see one of these come out that isn't an untranslated japanese game - and may I say, this blows ALL OF THEM out of the water. I highly recommend picking this up to anyone who enjoys well-built, men going at it no matter if your male, female, gay, straight, bi, open-minded, etc (it even has a facial hair and bearded option that you can turn on for all the male characters on the fly). It was definitely worth the wait with multiple different romances to go after and multiple endings for each one. The writing is, at times, campy but you can tell it's intentional, and even at its worst its still clever and blends well with the goofy humor that ensues between the characters (especially your two roommates in the game). If you're a stickler for seriouness though I will say that it's easy to overlook those cheesy moments or odd dialogue because the rest of the writing is heart-felt, adorable, and down-right funny. The EROTIC writing, though, earns it's own special attention in this little review. It is insanely hot, very descriptive, and complimented with well-timed sex scenes that are beautifully drawn. The sex scenes themselves are actually drawn by a second artist as the style is obviously different than the art you see in the non-sex simulation parts of the game (I think the original pics, and the ones that show up during dialogue were either done by the developer herself or someone who was helping out) and it is stunning and sexy. I'll be blunt: playing through two story lines in one night left me with a serious case of blue balls, especially this other ending I just uncovered *fans and dries off with a towel* lol Right now the developer, Obscurasoft (which is spearheaded by one very talented woman named Obscura) is at a discounted price of 15 bucks. In my opinion, it is WELL worth the cost because the storylines branch so much you never really know if you've seen it all. The game is full of choices - the "you lost the game" path/ending is HILARIOUS - and while some situations seem a bit too unrealistic or porn-like, some really tap into a gay man's fantasies (likely the kind you had through high school and college), and really get your blood pumping....in a southernly direction of course. She also has a demo up, though there is only one VERY early sex scene available (and that scene in the actual game has a few more shots); you can see the different style used for the sexual encounters than what you see in the rest of the game (for example, I thought the protagonist "Mark" wasn't all that good looking in the simulation but he is DAMN well hot in the sex scenes lol) Oh and the other really cool thing I wanted to point out: for her early supporters she actually "included" them in the game. They were allowed to submit photos or have her drawn pictures of them in an app that's a parody of Grindr, and while the option isn't available right now (she's going to add them later), there will even be scenes for these kickstart supporters where the protagonist can hook up with them for one-night stands lol Really a great way to send a shout out to your supports! Check it out: http://obscurasoft.com/ I'm really not surprised this talented lady blasted past her kickstarter goal :-D
  7. Forum is plastered with straight and lesbian erotic and pornographic images, so why not? Feel free to share original characters, video game characters, animations etc and other homoerotic images to get started: Yakuza <3
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