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Found 18 results

  1. hello everyone, i dicided to create an own thread to show from time to time some of my builts here is my new one, it´s W I P who recognizes it?
  2. i´m happy to announce the GRANDOPENING of UNDER PRESSURE this Saturday, 16. Nov 2019 9pm CET Icebox and Darkangel will rock your socks off
  3. RAISE YOUR HORNS!!!! at JORRVASKR, next Friday, 6. 9. 19
  4. BdsMetal Gang and ECA are presenting the GRANDOPENING of THE RED KEEP This Saturday, 19th Jan 9pm CET Music provided by Icebox Darkangel AmyLaRouche
  5. I´m happy to announce this upcoming Party at the Arena
  6. I´m happy to announce this upcoming party UNDER COVER, an evening with the best Rock Coverversions
  7. i am happy to announce the GRANDOPENING of PADDY´S Pub at 17.03.2018 (St.Patricks Day) powered by
  8. Hello everyone, i´m happy to announce VALENTINES DAY LOVE AFFAIRS Wednesday,14.Feb. 2018 8:30pm CET
  9. i am happy to announce the Grandopening of the TITTY TWISTER BAR for the ones who don´t know this bar, here is a screenshot
  10. ECA Events proudly presents NIGHTWISH at the ECArena Friday, 3.November 2017 9pm CET
  11. once i came to 3DxChat, curious about this chat............ now i am here for 3 years! i made many experiences. not everything was good, but nevertheless, i am happy to announce: 3 YEARS of MADNESS Saturday, October 7th 10pm CEST music will be played by my alt "DjDarkangel"
  12. mark the 2nd of October in your calender, because 2 cooks are serving the hottest Rockmusic at the GRANDOPENING of "Hells Kitchen" Room Design by Icebox Furniture found at the large trash^^
  13. I am happy to announce the next ECA Party Heavy Fucking Metal Vol.2 Friday, 15. Sept 2017 9pm CEST at the ECArena
  14. i am happy to announce the Grandopening of the brand new ECAmphitheater at 8.August, 9 pm CEST but.......we have not only one reason to celebrate, no we have 2! at 8. of August, i will celebrate my Birthday, and you all are invited
  15. i am happy to announce the ECA Party at the grandopening of "Club Paradise" the home of electronic beats with Dj Darkangel live in the mix, playing the finest Trance
  16. stay tuned for further informations a little view on the location... each day a little bit more... 5 days to go...
  17. I am happy to announce a new ECA Party for Sunday, 4. June 2017 How does it work? I have loaded 200 tracks in my Musicbox, numbered, who would have thought of it, from 1 to 200. Everyone can choose a number, which I will play for him, but Attention, once played, this number is no longer selectable! The playlist of the music box I will publish only after the party, so you are typing blindly. Whoever hits Karel Gott with Biene Maja gets a consolation prize! Who knows me, knows that you have to expect everything ^ ^ for risks or side effects, change your doctor or ask your local dealer! If there are no more wishes, I will play music from a second playlist. ------------------------------------- Wie funktioniert das? Ich habe 200 Titel in meine Musicbox geladen, nummeriert, wer hätte das gedacht, von 1 bis 200. Jeder darf sich eine Nummer aussuchen, die ich dann für ihn spielen werde, aber Achtung, einmal gespielt, ist diese Nummer nicht mehr anwählbar! Die Playliste der Musikbox werde ich erst NACH der Party veröffentlichen, ihr tippt also blind. Wer Karel Gott mit Biene Maja trifft, bekommt einen Trostpreis! Wer mich kennt, weiß dass mit allem zu rechnen ist^^ Bei Risiken und Nebenwirkungen wechseln Sie den Arzt, oder fragen ihren örtlichen Dealer^^ Wenn keine Wünsche mehr vorliegen, werde ich aus einer 2. Playliste Musik spielen.
  18. I am happy to anounce this upcoming Party at ECAHausen
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