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  1. Eight years, and mostly the same people. Very few new, but many with new alt`s, same jokes, same music, same places, some new with the same old people stuck in them, same clique's, same drama, same lies, same greed, same selfishness, same problems, mostly the same bugs, same staff, same shit different day ...

    Maybe I just grew up ... but I`ve played since 2014 and with 21 days left, I am seriously considering to not resub.

  2. You could make a set of pre coded, pre set sliders and pose adjusters for each level of height. In the US, the average male is 1.77 m tall. The average US-american woman has a height of 1.63 m. If we say that the men and women in here are 1.80 now, you would need a X, Y, Z adjustment to align the parts correctly on every m-f pose with the height of 1.80-1.78. 1.80-1.76 1.80-1.74 etc, and of course the same adjustment on all the other combinations such as m-m, f-f, m-m-f etc, but there are regular games with sex mods ( made by non professionals ) that have done this for close to a decade already, so it is not impossible.
  3. Sorry hun, I have two churches but I guess that`s the easy part in here.
  4. The Conqueror ( A result of a silly wordplay stuck in my head. What if the Venusian went Veni Vidi Vici ? )
  5. Of course it is. To me that is like asking if a blind person can have love when they can`t see the other person. They fall for the other persons words, thoughts, feelings, expressions, opinions and the very being that shines trough. It is the same in a virtual environment, there is a real person behind the avatar, and it is that person you are infatuated with. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. One is that the person may be using constructs to get you to like them. As in saying all the right things to get you to be more and more infatuated with them for their own personal gain, whatever that may be. The other is that even if the person is genuine, their real life appearance may not be what you expected, or matching the persona you have built them up to be in your mind. And i leave you with my best wishes and a link to some good advice on the the early stages of falling in love from Psychology today. How to stay centered while falling in love, despite the inner chaos you feel.
  6. Apples in a bowl ( the result of a challenge to my self, make an ordinary object you have never done before )
  7. Morning Mood ( detail of a club I made today, and I fell in love with how surreal it turned out )
  8. The latex body would hide the tattoos. I guess the tattoos could also be layered over just as the two bra`s and two bottoms she have on at the same time, but it looks like max shine on skin that gives the same effect to me.
  9. Last time I made a bet, it was on whether Trump would be president or not, and I won almost a grand going against what "the rest of the world" knew to be true with absolute certainty. I do not pretend to know what the developers are thinking and what they may or may not do, but I have seen the changes they have done to the game since I first launched it back in 2014, and they have for the better part been done in the spirit of improving it, rather than a "cash grab", but yes, you could be right. And if you are , and it becomes a "pay trough microtransactions to get things regular subscribers don`t have access to" I will deal with the issue then, and not in some hypothetical scenario, as I have serious doubts that it will happen.
  10. Let`s kill the lights ( when the simplest idea takes hours to get right )
  11. I made a bunch for the 17 of may celebration, but they did look a bit off since they didn`t wave like I wanted them to, so I would also like the mesh from the yacht. And on the subject of already made items that we can`t use, I would really like the hand wash pose too.
  12. It would have been uber cool if it was an mmo though :] To bad it did not work, so yeah contact support.
  13. Friend of mine shared one :] Click me
  14. I would in a second if i had one ... good luck though. Oh, what if you save the one you have and load it again ? Worth a try.
  15. Favouriting and sorting of rooms have been asked for since we got the ability to make them, so i doubt that`s going to happen anytime soon. The fact that they would loose out on real money since people would buy less XGold needed to spam their rooms when more and more had the room in their own list, or sorted to be easier to find, makes it even less plausible.
  16. When some people actually create an alt to only like their main`s post and nothing else ...


  17. Never seen that before. What happens if you load a char you have saved ? Still not showing ?
  18. You are very welcome :]
  19. So extract the zip file somewhere and start the exe file that is located inside the folder. There are only 2 files in it, a launcher folder, and the 3DXChat.exe file.
  20. If you mean these, then sorry but no penis or strap on for that matter.
  21. So buy it then, and contribute to the price staying or don`t, and maybe it will drop at one point. Or maybe they set the price to empty some of the gold reserves some of us have so we have to buy more at a later point. Or just stay here and complain about it, maybe that works too.
  22. And you got it from here ? Members login - 3DXChat I just dl`d it from there to check, and it does have the exe file there.
  23. Uuhm ... it is the full game, unzip it and the click on the exe file.
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