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    RyanFrost reacted to Varz for a blog entry, Introducing Varz - 3DXChat Community Manager   
    Hi everyone!
    My name is Varz and I am the new Community Manager for 3DXChat. My aim and the aim of the developers is to bridge the gap closer together in communication between SGD and the community. 
    My aim is to provide more transparent feedback, and updates, organize official community activities and take in your top-rated suggestions and forward them to the team. This has been a long time coming and I have been playing in-game a little recently to get an understanding of the current mood and the consensus of what the community is about. Some of you have said hello and have been super welcoming!
    I hope to see many of you in-world and to be able to meet and say hello! Please keep a look out for the character named “Varz” in-game and please say hello! I would like to hear from you on what you would like to see 3DXChat become, but also where you feel the key areas are that need fixing and resolving, but also just for some general chit-chat as I’m always up for a talk.
    Please do bear with me as there is a lot to get through, I’ve seen some of your suggestions already and I am happy to see how creative the community is. I have a lot of work to do, and I hope I can live up to the expectations of the community I’ll do my best to really improve those relationships between the community and the team. And I am super excited to get started!
    In addition to the above, I will also be starting up a new blog series called “Community Corner” on the 3DXForum where we highlight some cool events that transpired in-game, but also general projects by community members and discussions/interviews with different members of the community that come from different communities within the 3DX world. So, if you’d like to be one of the first players to be interviewed, please send me a DM on Discord Varz#6531 or a direct mail on the 3DX Forum. You can find my account under the “Staff” section.
    I am very excited to get started and build some great times with the community. It will take some time, yes, but let’s make 3DXChat the best Adult 3D online game it can be!
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    RyanFrost reacted to Gizmo for a blog entry, 3DXChat Development Update 1   
    Hello everyone! We wanted to update you on the latest developments of our game. We have started a blog to keep you informed and hope you enjoy it.
    In November 2022, we did a comprehensive survey with NoirDesire to gather feedback on the game's quality. While we are still processing the results, NoirDesire kindly shared some interim feedback. We have gained insight into players' thoughts on crucial aspects, such as game bugs and features they would like added.
    Most players, like us, desire a more stable game. We will make this our top priority.
    To accomplish this, we are currently porting the game to a newer version of the Unity engine. The new engine will allow us to benefit from the many improvements and refinements that Unity developers have made over the past few years. Since the game is currently using an outdated 2018 version of the engine, we have decided to update this platform first.
    While porting the game to the new engine, some systems have broken. We have been able to fix nearly all of them and even enhance some. For instance, the beer-drinking system was broken; we have entirely revamped it and added new types of drinks and food. As you drink, you will notice the liquid level in the bottle decreases, and bits of food vanish from your plate. Additionally, we have added the ability to toss the bottle out of the character's hand.
    We have included pictures/videos of the drink and food system for you.
    Champ.mp4 CottonCandy.mp4
    Glass1.mp4 Icecream1.mp4
    Whiskey.mp4 Wine.mp4

    We plan to conduct a beta test of the new client once we have migrated to the new Unity engine.
    Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of 3DXChat development!

    Join our Discord server to connect with fellow players, chat with us directly, submit bug reports and suggestions, and more! Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of our community.
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