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  1. When I used the link as shown in the video I received an email from Listen2myradio saying my system was turned off and I was violating the TOS. They added that if I continued to so I would loose my service. The provided other links for me to use but when I put them in the radio to run there is nothing playing. So I am lost on what to do.
  2. Come on out to the grand opening of a new club on 3DX this Saturday, October 2nd. Four djs will play tunes of various styles but in the end will want you to come back.
  3. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I like this idea as so I can access my Windows screen if I am multitasking (ie: reading something here in the forums)>
  4. I like these ideas, sounds similar to another game, ie IMVU. What I really like in the suggestions is the room description and inviting someone to the room like a friend, spouse, partner, etc. What I think should also be added is a way to search for a room. I refresh the list but sometimes rooms I want to go to are not listed. So how do I go to them?
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