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  1. Kinda nice having a whole beach to my self though heh.
  2. Im not sure what you mean? How do i clear the registry? And it crashed without the toy even being connect. Is it a bug ?
  3. Toys not connected I dont think. I tried uninstalling the game and it didnt change anything. I login and then get stuck at the screen before I even pick my character
  4. Rixx

    Apologies if this it the wrong place for it but, I cant get past the loading screen and im freaking out. Please help if possible!!

  5. Sorry, not sure how to post here properly. CONTEXT. Game crashed twice and my friends werent showing online. Then my lovense toy wouldnt connect and when I quit the game, I couldnt get past this page. I havent changed any clothes but maybe some stuff in my house. Please help me to get back to!
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