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  1. Doesn't appear to have been fixed in latest update 442 ! It only fails for me when someone invites me, where as if I invite the slow dance functions correctly ?
  2. Yes discovered that in beta you can't add to any existing selection rented, I assumed at time was deliberate because of the renting system, had it been a purchase then adding would simply be an additional cost. While renting means you have to sign up for a new rental contract and your not able run two separate rentals at same time. Plus its a neat way to take more gold out of the game with no come back, as there isn't any instruction manual so we learn by our mistakes instead.
  3. Yes noticed that in Beta you can't rent and change your mind or add without paying the entire sum each time as if you never rented an item in the first place. I managed to get through my 1 million free gold thinking I could change at will once paid. I presumed it was deliberate rather than a bug seeing as the prices were exorbitant and designed to take as much gold out of system as they could.
  4. I wasn't really intending to encourage that idea, but it is a model used with some success by other competitors. Value for money 3DxChat is far in advance of any other, and I wouldn't want them making such changes, but they do have to make money to give us a quality product. And personally I think renting is the wrong way to go, especially more so when asking exorbitant prices ! for something that has no practical use in game.
  5. Certainly you can pay or not if you want, but what your being offered has no real use in the game other than being pretty. Sure I have a reasonable store of gold I might chose to spend it on a gallery picture frame at ever increasing prices, at least they are mine and not rented, and I can change and use as I wish. If the aim is to create more income via buying gold direct, then surely having useful items like additional clothes and even poses. That you can buy would stimulate and be a more practical way to increase purchase of gold direct. I like the coloured names but to spend real money on renting just doesn't make sense, if the price was more reasonable and not for rent, then I would perhaps use some gold to do so. But spending more than the price of playing here for a year, to rent a simple colour name tag No Way.
  6. The price was silly in beta but at least we had a million free gold to test it, but to maintain the same price scale in this update where you need to spend almost $90 to buy gold or save your 300 per day for 320 days to rent a simple colour name for a year is really over the top.
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