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    Squirt got a reaction from SteveBlack in can female avatars have gloves too?   
    Please yes New Gloves for Females, if possible a top thats like sholders neck and arm sleaves please with triangle midle finger loop ❤️ also would love to see the possibility of Mix'n Full outfits with other clothe'n, itll open a good range of alternate possibilitys, would love to wear a leotard and a skirt. but please GLOVES FOR FEMALES! ❤️ 
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    Squirt reacted to Lunarelf in can female avatars have gloves too?   
    It's confusing that only male avatar got their full gloves but female avatar still have to wear those sleeves 😕
    at least give us a latex stocking with full feet/hand part and neck cover, that won't be hard right?
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    Squirt reacted to danididit in can female avatars have gloves too?   
    THIS!!! ALL OF THIS!!! I want the new gloves too!
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